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Introduction to SkyCiv Education

Access to web-based interactive structural engineering software for your students

SkyCiv offers a range of commercial structural analysis and design software. The software is intuitive and easy to use and allows students to learn interactively through our web-based platform. We have a range of software, ranging from SkyCiv Beam (easy beam analysis tool), S3D (fully-featured 3D structural analysis software), and design software (connections, reinforced concrete, and foundation design) – all in one easy to use platform.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple – email us at [email protected] to start your free trial for a Semester. You can use this for coursework, team projects, or even competitions. One of our SkyCiv representatives will be in touch to set you up with your Educational Account – which will allow you to add your students (individually or via CSV).

Education Portal

Each Education Account will receive access to our Education Portal, which allows the instructors in your faculty to add their own students to the account. You can access from the dashboard – Manage my Organization, or visiting

From here you can look at the number of student accounts available, add your school logo (for reporting), and control student access. Here is an example of the Education Portal:


How do the Students get Access?

Once you’ve uploaded your students, they will receive an automatic email with their login details. From here they can instantly login at and start using the software right away! As it is web-based, it will work on PC, Mac, and even mobile devices – so there are no version or compatibility issues.

What do Students get access to?

Students will have access to all features and functionality of the SkyCiv Student Account – which include access to all structural analysis software (beam, S3D, 2D Truss, 2D Frame, Section Builder, and Shaft) as well as optional design code modules (reinforced concrete, connection design, and foundation design).

Does your software have a VPAT Review for Accessibility?

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™) is a document that explains how information and communication technology (ICT) products such as software, hardware, electronic content, and support documentation meet (conform to) the Revised 508 Standards for IT accessibility.

SkyCiv’s latest VPAT document can be downloaded at any time from this link.

What is your Privacy Policy for Students?

SkyCiv takes great care with all our users’ privacy, but also take additional care with students. We are GDPR compliant with information on our cookie policy, sub processors and privacy policy all available in our documentation.

SkyCiv also takes special care with students data – only collecting necessary information (name and email for login) and use Student IDs in place of personal information where possible. We encourage teachers and educators to do the same where possible.

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