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Integrated Member Design

Steel, Wood and Cold rolled design standards – fully integrated with analysis software

SkyCiv has built in member design modules for both SkyCiv Structural 3D and SkyCiv Beam. These models are fully integrated – which means you model them in the program and all the results, properties and dimensions are loaded directly into the program, so that you don’t have to spend the time re-entering all of this information.

At the moment SkyCiv offers the following integrated member design modules:

  1. US:
    1. AISC 360 ASD and LRFD;
    2. NDS 2018;
    3. AISI S100-12;
  2. Europe:
    1. Eurocode 3;
  3. Australia:
    1. AS 4100;
    2. AS 4600-2005 ;
    3. AS 1720;
  4. Canada:
    1. CSA S16
  5. British Standards:
    1. BS 5950
  6. Maritime:
    1. DNV 2.7-1.

The member design modules are loaded into the software by clicking the “Design” bubble in the top right corner of the software:

UI-Design bubble selector
This will open up the module on the left side, which contains all of the information and input required to run a design check. For the most part, everything has been imported directly from the sections and results, so you can run the design software by clicking the blue “Check Design” button.

Using the Module


The first tab Details, simply allows the user to add in more information about the project such as Project Name, ID, designer and notes. These will appear at the top of the reports generated by the design module.


Factors are specific to each design module. Please visit the specific module documentation page for more information.


The Members tab contains all the input related to the each of the members to be designed in the module. These may contain specific parameters for each design software (hover over the tooltips  for more info). These can be changed at anytime by changing the values in the cells.

The Design Member table contains all the members, their materials, section IDs, length and their limit factors that have been automatically populated from the model. You can also group together common members (for instance 1-3 will design members 1-3 as a single beam member). You can also delete certain members that you don’t want to include in the design check.

The materials and Sections (in the lower tables) are automatically populated from the model. You can hover over the  icon for more information.

UI-Design-Standalone software showing members of AISC design


Internal member forces are automatically imported from the structural analysis, this includes load combinations. The software will display each of the forces as per the selected load combination. The software will design check based on the worst case for each member and load combination.

UI-Design-Standalone software showing members of AISC design


There are three ways to review the results of your design check:

    • Tabulated Results – these will highlight the members as Pass or Fail in green or red, respectively.
    • Graphical Results – on the right side, the structure will display the green and red colouring of each member as well as the highest capacity ratio of all the results. For instance, if the max capacity ratio is 1.321 for Slenderness, it will display 1.321 Sl – it will display as red as the ratio is > 1. Warning ratios of > 0.95 but < 1 will display in orange

, while green indicate the maximum member capacity ratio is < 1. A grey member will indicate that a design check was not performed on this member. You can also select specific design ratios, by changing the dropdown list of “Show Design Ratios for:” – this will show All Results (maximum capacity ratio) by default.

  • Reporting – You can export a PDF summary report of the design checks at anytime.

UI-Design-Standalone software showing members of AISC design


Sometimes on larger structures you might want to filter out certain members to clearly identify members of significance. For instance, isolating any failing members. To filter specific members based on pass/fail criteria or sections, click the filter icon above the results table:


Selecting Failed Members will filter and display only those members that are failing:


Full Design Reporting

Full design reporting, including step by step calculation reports for each member, are available for certain steel member design codes. These reports show full references, assumptions, calculation decisions and utility ratios, so engineers can take a closer look at what the software is doing. Available for all above design codes.


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