NDS 2018 Wood Design Software

The National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction (ANSI/AWC NDS-2018) incorporates design provisions for both allowable stress design (ASD) and load and resistance factor design (LRFD). This specification is adopted in all model building codes in the United States and is developed by the American Wood Council (AWC). With the add-on module NDS 2018, SkyCiv users are able to design timber structures modeled with member elements according to this standard.

Module NDS 2018 performs all cross-section resistance designs, stability analysis, and deformation analysis provided by the national design specification for wood construction. In timber construction, the serviceability limit state represents an important design. The conservative limit deformation is preset, but can be modified if necessary.

SkyCiv NDS Wood Design Software Features:

  • Rectangular and Round Wood Shapes
  • Supports both ASD and LRFD provisions
  • Multiple material type, including Lumber and Glulam
  • Auto calculation of all adjustment factors for all members
  • Detailed Documentation to help you get started

Automatic Calculation of NDS Adjustment Factors for all Members

Calculating the adjustment factor for each wood member can be a tedious process. SkyCiv's NDS design module automatically calculates these adjustment factors for both ASD and LRFD provisions, saving you time and allowing you to turn projects around faster.

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wood design software automatic calculations
wood design software fully integrated with Structural 3D

Fully Integrated with your Analysis Model

To make the job easier, SkyCiv has powerful Structural Analysis software that is completely integrated with your NDS wood design module. Build your model, import ASCE load combinations, run the analysis and with a click of a button run an NDS 2018 wood beam design. Work quickly and easily by having your analysis and design completely integrated in one workflow.

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Clear and Easy Output

Reviewing the results can be half the battle. With this design module, the NDS results specifically show the adjustment factor and relevant checks being performed. SkyCiv has clear reporting, including this summary table in PDF format. The simple green, yellow and red highlights help users to distinguish between passing and failing members.

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SkyCiv wood design software report showing the NDS calculation results

Part of the PDF report produced by the NDS design module. Here showing the pass/fail criteria of each member and the specific check that is failing.

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