Reinforced Concrete Design

SkyCiv Reinforced Concrete Design

Member Design for ACI 318, AS 3600, BS 8110,
CSA A23 and EN 2. All with powerful, clean reporting.

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For Reinforced Concrete Design and Analysis

Add Beams, Rebar and Loads within Minutes

  • Run complete RC beam design and RC column design for ACI 318, EN 2, CSA A23, BS 8110 and AS 3600
  • Fully built into SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software and Beam Software, or add your own beam input
  • Add, edit and remove longitudinal and shear rebar, with graphics
  • Add multiple layers of top, bottom and stirrup reinforcement
  • Import Multiple Load Combinations from US, UK, EU, CAN and AUS libraries
  • Add in forces or use SkyCiv Analysis software to pull in results
  • Clear summary of results with green and red pass/fail results
  • Helpful Documentation, including Verification Models

Reinforced Concrete Design Software for ACI 318, AS 3600 and EN2 - screenshot of SkyCiv's UI
Detailed calculation reports for ACI 318, reinforced concreted design software

Full Calculation Reports

SkyCiv believes engineers should have access to all the information of their designs. This includes the calculations made by the software. SkyCiv Concrete Design reports show the full step-by-step calculations, structural engineers can review:

100% Online

SkyCiv software is all on the cloud, which means you can get instant access simply through a web browser. There is nothing to download, install or maintain. Simply login to your SkyCiv Account and visit the software directly. Having the software 100% online has a range of benefits over traditional software:

  • Instant access - there's nothing to download, no installation and no license keys
  • Updates are automatically rolled out to the user
  • Access your files and software from anywhere at anytime
  • Fully compatable on PC, MAC, tablets and mobile devices
  • Reduces the clutter on your computer
  • No IT requirements

Get instant access with nothing to download or install using SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software on the cloud, cloud based reinforced concrete design software
m-n interaction curve  for reinforced concrete section in SkyCiv software

Reinforced Concrete Designer

The SkyCiv General Section Designer module allows you to add reinforcement and loads to test your section's moment and axial capacities. Design your concrete sections easily, using SkyCiv General Section Designer:
  • Add template or custom shapes via Section Builder
  • Easy reinforcement input and editing capabilities
  • Load in common materials, or add your own custom materials
  • Apply multiple loads, testing more than one case in one go
  • Review moment and axial capacities, stress/strains, stress contours and utility ratios
  • Review real-time M-N interaction curves

Integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D

With nothing to download or install, you can instanly pull the forces, spans, loads and load combinations directly from your structural analysis model. Instantly check your model for flexure, shear, axial and much more....

  • Also fully integrated with SkyCiv Beam
  • Forces automatically imported from structural models
  • Supports load combinations from ASCE 7-10, AS 1170, EN1 and NBCC
  • Spans, cross sections and materials imported from your model
  • Class and group members together, to complete one design for multiple members
  • Class and group members together, to complete one design for multiple members
integrated with Structural Design Software on the Cloud, integrated with AISC 360 steel structures
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Design Concrete Beams and Columns with SkyCiv

Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

  • Currently supports AS 3600, ACI 318, CSA A23, BS 8110 and Eurocode 2
  • Rectangular and T-shape concrete sections
  • Neutral Axis Calculations
  • Minimum Reinforcement Detailing and Concrete Cover Requirements
  • Crack Checks (positive and negative)
  • Flexure Checks (positive and negative)
  • Shear Force Checks (in plane)
  • Lateral Support for Compression Steeland Stirrup spacing checks
  • Full Report of all checks and calculations

Reinforced Concrete Column Design

  • Currently supports Eurocode 2, ACI 318, CSA A23, BS 8110 & AS 3600
  • Circular and Rectangular Sections
  • Minimum Reinforcement and Concrete Cover Checks
  • Axial Force Checks - (Axial + Biaxial Flexure)
  • Checks for + and - flexure in major/minor axis
  • Lateral Support for Compression Steel and Stirrup spacing checks
  • M-N Interaction Calculations
  • Full Report of all checks and calculations

User Interface

SkyCiv Reinforced Concrete Design Software is designed to be fast and easy to use, with the following features:
  • Control key factors for Strength, creep, iterations and more...
  • Add multiple forces along member, or use directly from S3D or Beam analysis software
  • Add multiple layers of reinforcement for both longitude and stirrups
  • Design multiple members at once
  • Easy input and intuitive user interface
  • Results displayed as a simple summary table and an optional detailed calculation report

Structural Analysis Software

SkyCiv Reinforced Concrete module is fully built into SkyCiv Structural 3D - our powerful structural analysis software and SkyCiv Beam Software (our beam analysis software for simple and continuous beams):
  • Nothing further to install/setup. Completely built in.
  • Import Load Combinations directly from ASCE, AS, CSA and Eurocode
  • Model, apply loads and analyze your beam and columns, run concrete design checks with a single click
  • Forces, spans, Load Combinations and section information integrates directly with these design checks
  • Beams/Columns checked for every evaluation point
  • Design your reinforced concrete structures from one model

SkyCiv uses third party software review sites to ensure quality and relevant feedback and testimonials from Structural Engineers:

captera structural engineering review

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