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Sam Team Photo

Sam Carigliano

CEO & Co-founder

With a double degree in Civil Engineering/Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Sam is responsible for the day-to-day operations, functions and vision of SkyCiv. His technical knowledge, development skills and business experience led him as co-founder of SkyCiv in 2014.

Paul Team Photo

Paul Comino

CTO & Co-Founder

Paul graduated in First Class Honours with a double degree in Mechanical Engineering/Commerce from the University of New South Wales in 2014. With a great attention to detail and technical expertise, Paul co-founded SkyCiv in 2014 and now heads all aspects of Product Development.

Marketing + Onboarding

SkyCiv Our Team Steve Richardson


Digital Marketer

Thanh joined SkyCiv in 2021 to support the growth of the SkyCiv brand and market presence. Alongside her passion for digital solutions, her goal is to utilize research and marketing skills to continuously foster mutually beneficial relationships between the company and our users.


US Onboarding Engineer

Graduating in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Emeka is an experienced architect and structural engineer & product manager. Emeka is responsible for leading the charge across the United States with a special focus on Software Development and Support. In his spare time, Emeka enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and making art.

SkyCiv Our Team Stuart Gale


UK/Europe API Engineer

Dr Gale is a skilled Software Engineer, with a PhD in Structural Engineering. Stuart is responsible for leading the charge across the UK and Europe, with special focus on the SkyCiv API. Stuart has a keen eye to improve structural engineering workflows, and strengths in C#/Fortran languages. Want to automate or improve your workflow? Speak to Stuart!

SkyCiv Our Team Steve Richardson


Product Manager - Member Design

Oscar has a Civil Engineering Degree from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Oscar is responsible for leading the charge across Central and South America, with a special focus on regional customer support, product development, and future regional products planning.  Oscar has experience as a researcher in multi-scale mechanics and materials and as a development engineer for automating structural modelling and drawing processes.

SkyCiv Our Team Steve Richardson


Product Manager

With a Masters in Structural Engineering, Daniel leads the product development team as a Product Manager. Responsible for the quality, usability and feature direction of SkyCiv software. Daniel helps ensure the key SkyCiv product values - ease of use, power and accuracy are always met. Daniel also helps with customer success to ensure user feedback is delivered and built into the product

SkyCiv Our Team Steve Richardson


Onboarding Engineer Australia

Chris joins SkyCiv with more than 4 years experience in structural design in Australia. As a programmer, Chris contributes to product development with design software (particularly Australian Standards) as well as assisting the onboarding and customer support across Australian, NZ and Asia.

Product Development + Quality Assurance

Sergey Team Photo


Senior Product Development

Sergey has more than 12 years of Structural Engineering experience; specializing in bridge design and civil structures. Bringing a wealth of technical expertise and skills in software development, makes him a fantastic addition to the development team.


Quality Assurance

Alex has more than 10 years experience in Structural Engineering, seeing more than 100 projects. Alex has a great passion for Structural Engineering which led him to get his Masters in 2014. Based in Canada, Alex has very strong knowledge in Canadian Standards across a range of materials including Steel, Timber, CFS and Aluminum.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Fernando Lopez

Product Developer + Quality Assurance

One of our most experienced Senior Structural Engineers, Fernando has worked as a senior research consultant and product developer for over 20 years - with extensive knowledge in ACI 318, AISC 360, CAN/CSA 23.2, AS 3600, IS 456, Eurocode 2 design standards. Fernando also has a Master in Geotechnics and helps strengthen SkyCiv's Quality Assurance tests and procedures.

Michael Team Photo


Senior Product Development

Michael is an experienced Structural Engineer with a background in software development. With more than 5 years experience in structural analysis and FEM modelling. Michael's main focusses on design modules, integrations and concrete analysis.

Patrick Team Photo


Product Development

Patrick is the Product Manager for SkyCiv's Wind Load software - combining his passion for programming with his Masters in Structural Engineering, Pat is a welcomed addition to the SkyCiv Team.

SkyCiv Our Team Jake Roeleven

Jake Roeleven

Product Manager - Quick Design

Jake graduated with First Class Honours in Software Engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney. After joining SkyCiv in 2020, Jake is focused on the maintenance, scalability and development of the SkyCiv Platform.

Jerome Team Photo


Product Manager - Foundation Design

Jerome joined SkyCiv in 2018 with a Master's in Structural Engineering. With strong attention to detail and passion for programming, Jerome has works on delivering ongoing value to our users through features in Structural 3D as well as leading the development on our Foundation Design software.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Marco Cesco

Computational Engineer

Marco joined SkyCiv in 2020 to facilitate product development initiatives undertaken by the company that aim to integrate machine learning with structural design. He is passionate about utilizing machine learning, and other quantitative methods that deviate from conventional construction methodologies and serve to disrupt the built world.

Albert Team Photo


Product Development

With more than 4 years in Structural Design, plus a Master's in Engineering focussed n the Structural Design of Tall Buildings, Albert is applying his technical experience with his programming capabilities on projects such as Foundation Design and Base Plate Connection Design.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Ellen Magat

Product Developer

Ellen has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering with more than 5 years of experience in structural engineering specializing in steel and connection design. She also has experience in development of calculations templates conforming to codes and standards. Being an explorer, Ellen joined SkyCiv to assist in development of easy to use software modules.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Felipe Galan

Product Developer

With deep roots in both structural design and programming, Felipe is a well-rounded individual who has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a Masters in Structural Engineering, Felipe also brings a great attitude and friendly teammate of the Member Design team; focussing on a range of products including Steel and CFS design software.

Fredrick Team Photo

Frederick Lim

QA Engineer

Frederick has more than 4 years experience in the field of Structural Engineering with the sole purpose to ensure the quality and accuracy of SkyCiv products. Fred applies his knowledge as an experienced structural engineer to testing the software and writing procedural unity tests to verify the results and functionality of SkyCiv software.

SkyCiv Our Team Anupama


Product Development + Quality Assurance

Anupama joins the team bringing more than 15 years experience in Structural Analysis and Design. Anupama's duties include result verification, member design and onboarding, with a specific focus in India. As a Chartered Engineer (IStructE), Anupama brings with her exceptional technical and positive attitude to help support both our users and development team.

SkyCiv Our Team Harold Munalem

Harold Munalem

Product Manager - Connection Design

Harold is an experienced Structural Engineer with over 10 years experience focusing on steel connection design projects mainly in the US. His most noted project so far is the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta, the home of the NFL team - Atlanta Falcons. Together with his programming capabilities, Harold will apply his technical expertise on our Connection Design Module.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Wilross Papaya

Product Developer

Wilross has more than 3 years of experience as a structural engineer focused on buildings and other vertical structures. He is in his final year for a Masters degree in Civil Engineering with research interest on earthquake engineering. With a keen interest in programming, Wilross joined SkyCiv to assist on new updates for Foundation Design and Load Generator modules.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Victor Pinzon

Product Developer

Victor is an experienced Structural Engineer with a background in Software development. With more than 6 years experience in building design and automating detailing processes. Victor's focus is on design modules. In his spare time, Victor takes time out to play the guitar, and travel.

SkyCiv Our Team Marco Cesco

Victor Solin

Product Developer

Victor is an experienced Structural Engineer with a background in Software development, with more than 10 years experience in analysis and design of transport infrastructure (particularly bridges and retaining walls). Victor's focus is on backend development. In his spare time, Victor collects books and enjoys bike riding.

SkyCiv Our Team Nilay


Product Development

Nilay is a highly experienced software engineer with more than 20 years experience in the field. With a strong programming background Nilay is focused on the development and ongoing maintenance for many of the SkyCiv plugins; including Grasshopper and Revit. His positivity, knowledge and problem solving skills make him a welcome part of the team.

SkyCiv Our Team Nilay


Quality Assurance + Product Development

Trung is a Product Developer with a keen attitude and a passion for programming and engineering. Implementing our automated Quality Assurance testing that assures our software is always available and always accurate. As a responsible young engineer.

SkyCiv Our Team Nilay


Product Development

George is a highly experienced structural engineer with a deep background in Australian Standards for a range of material types. George is a knowledgable engineer with the programming skills to back it up. George is a great support for our team and also leads the development on a number of Quick Design calculations.

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