SkyCiv Section Builder Software

Comprehensive web-based section analysis software to analyse geometric, bending, shear and torsion properties as well as reinforced concrete design.

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SkyCiv Section Builder

Build your sections out of multiple shapes from templates, or define your own via points, line paths, or a DXF import from CAD! Model and analyse your sections faster than ever!

SkyCiv Engineering Software is completely cloud based. This allows users to access their programs and files from a web browser, from anywhere, anytime! No need to install or update the program. This is a cost effective solution with no further costs such as maintenance or updates.

General Section Designer Plugin

The software also comes equipped with general concrete section designer, which allows you to model, analyze and design concrete sections with reinforcement. The software is powerful to take any type of section built through the Section Builder. Simply add reinforcement and analyze to get your moment and axial capacities, stress/strain results and interactive M-N curves. Click here for more information on our SkyCiv GSD plugin.

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Standard Templates and Database of Sections

Several templates available to get you started!
  • Choose from:
    • Rectangular/Square
    • Hollow Rectangular/Square
    • Circular
    • Hollow Circular
    • I-beam
    • T-beam
    • L-beam (Angle)
    • Double Angle
    • Channel
    • Double Channel
    • Triangular
    • Hollow Triangular
    • Box Girder
    • Multiple Cold Rolled Shapes
  • Change dimensions via the form or dimension lines
  • Load from an international database of sections from USA, Australia, UK, Canada, India and Europe.

An example of a Box Girder Section being displayed in SkyCiv Section Builder
custom section analysis of a beam section using SkyCiv Section Builder

Custom Shapes

Need to model a shape not available in our templates? Specify your own custom shapes:
  • Points Shape: Define points and create your own polygons. Specify fillets at any point.
  • Line Shape: Define a line path and create a polygon with a thickness and radius.
  • DXF Import: Prefer to sketch in CAD first? Simply save to a DXF file and import into SkyCiv's Section Builder for analysis.

Hand Calculations

Get full, step by step, hand calculations for your section properties! Hand calculations available for:
  • Area
  • Centroid
  • Moment of Inertia (About z, y, zy (when relevant), and principal axes
  • Angle of Rotation
Hand calculation feature current available for Rectangular, Hollow Rectangular, Circular, Hollow Circuluar, I-Beam, T-Beam, Angle (L-Beam), Channel, and Triangular sections.

hand calculations of oment of inertia and centroid using SkyCiv Section Builder
m-n interaction curve  for reinforced concrete section in SkyCiv software

Concrete Section Designer

The SkyCiv General Section Designer plugin allows you to add reinforcement and loads to test your section's moment and axial capacities. Design your concrete sections easily, using SkyCiv General Section Designer:
  • Add template or custom shapes via Section Builder
  • Easy reinforcement input and editing capabilities
  • Load in common materials, or add your own custom materials
  • Apply multiple loads, testing more than one case in one go
  • Review moment and axial capacities, stress/strains, stress contours and utility ratios
  • Review real-time M-N interaction curves

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Example of a Built up Beam Section using SkyCiv Section Builder

Built-Up Sections

Model your built-up section by adding multiple shapes:
  • Add shapes from one of our many templates.
  • Operations including rotation, translation, and mirroring can be used to specify relative positioning.
  • Calculate geometric, bending, shear, and torsion properties.
  • Utilises meshing and FEA to solve torsion constant and warping constant. More accurate than approximate methods which only work for some geometries.

Fully Integrated

The great thing with SkyCiv, is under one account you are given full access to all our Structural Analysis Software. The Section Builder is then also:
  • Fully Integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D
  • Fully Integrated with SkyCiv Beam
  • All included in one account - full access to all the above software under one account!

Custom section shape being shown integrated with Structural Analysis software
Example of a custom beam section being built up of concrete and steel using SkyCiv Section Builder

Composite Sections

Need to model sections made up of different materials? We have you covered:
  • Assign individual materials to individual shapes.
  • Preset materials means you can select your material from a drop down list for fast entry!
  • Calculate section properties via the Transformed Section Method.
  • Original section properties also presented in comparison.
  • Easily model laminar beams and other built-up sections made up of different materials.
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"Big advantage was that I didn't have to commit to an expensive licence. Very easy to use and thorough results. Would highly recommend and will continue to use the software in the future."

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