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Steel Beam Sizes

Having a good resource for I beam Sizes is important for any structural engineer. The below steel beam size chart, will help structural engineers find h beam sizes, w beam sizes, i beam sizes and HSS sizes. These steel I beam dimensions are useful in structural design where you need to determine the strength of a particular section. SkyCiv offers free design software, that include all these steel I beam sizes, for a number of design codes such as AISC.

This Steel Beam Sizes Chart will help engineers find the i beam dimensions they are looking for. Simply select your unit system, library before selecting a shape to display that shape's beam dimensions. The software pulls the beam dimensions directly from our powerful Structural Analysis Software which, like this tool, can be used from within a web browser with no installation! HSS Sizes or I beam sizes typically require the user to keep books or steel beam charts handy, but can take a while to find, if you even have the book in the first place! SkyCiv's i beam sizes tool allows engineers to find beam size information quickly and easily.

Some of the dimensions this tool can display:
  • I beam sizes
  • HSS Sizes
  • Wide Flange Beam Sizes
  • T Beam Sizes
  • Imperial and metric beam sizes

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