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Access powerful structural engineering tools via a mobile app - anytime, anywhere.

SkyCiv Mobile App

Get more from your structural analysis software - SkyCiv gives all its users access to a powerful structural engineering app, including useful tools such as a beam calculator, load generator, a base plate design tool, a section database, unit converter, and a model viewer. Get instant access on iOS and Android via the AppStore and Google Play store.

Get more from your Structural Analysis Software with SkyCiv.

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SkyCiv's all-in-one mobile app includes the following tools and features
SkyCiv Mobile

Mobile Frame

  • Run quick easy truss and frame analysis
  • Contains 2D & 3D Truss mode
  • Deflection and stress results available to SkyCiv paid users
  • Download Structural Analysis report’s as PDFs from your mobile phone.
  • Get quick ratios (L/span, material yield, material strength, custom stress) to quickly decide whether the structure is passing or failing.
  • Supports the same features as SkyCiv Structural 3D

Mobile Beam Calculator

  • Run quick and easy beam analysis
  • Load Sections from the SkyCiv Section database
  • Review clean and easy bending moment, shear force diagrams
  • Deflection and stress results available to SkyCiv paid users
  • Perform Design Checks from AISC, AS, EN, BS, and many more.
  • Get most optimal section, using the SkyCiv Optimizer
  • Export PDF reports to deliver to clients and team members
  • Quick summary of results, utility ratio, and max values
SkyCiv Mobile
SkyCiv Mobile

Section Database

  • Search our library of 12,000+ Sections anywhere, anytime!
  • View dimensions and important geometric properties of sections
  • Cold Formed, Hot Rolled, Timber and more...
  • New sections and libraries being added regularly
  • Includes libraries from the US, European, Australian, Canadian, British and more...
  • Export a PDF summary to share with your team or clients
  • Powerful search functionality to help you find your shapes, in seconds

Retaining Wall Design

  • Create Retaining Wall Models for Cantilever and Gravity walls
  • Multiple soil layers, stem and base inputs for quick design calculations and stability checks
  • View, rotate, zoom and screenshot your retaining wall via the 3D renderer
  • Calculations for overturning, sliding, and bearing utilization ratios
  • View Reports that show the full step-by-step calculations
SkyCiv Mobile
SkyCiv Mobile

Base Plate Design

  • Pick from a variety of sections from American, European, and Australian libraries
  • Supports I Beams, HSS, and Circular Shapes
  • Baseplate, Shear lug, and Foundation input
  • Add custom anchor points and material
  • Base Plate Design reports show the full step-by-step calculations

S3D Model Viewer

  • Load models directly from your SkyCiv file manager
  • View, rotate, zoom and screenshot your structural models via the 3D renderer
  • Share your models with your team, anywhere, anytime
  • Run structural analysis or review existing analysis results
  • Works for beam and plate analysis results
SkyCiv Mobile
SkyCiv Mobile

Load Generator

  • Snow/Wind Loads based on ASCE 7-10, EN 1991, NBCC 2015, AS 1170, IS 875 plus more...
  • Snow pressures and wind speed regions for specific site addresses
  • Interactive Google Map to find your exact location
  • Clear elevation and topography profile charts
  • Calculates topography factors, slopes, and other terrain data
  • Access clear graphics and wind/snow load results in seconds

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