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Design Connections with AISC 360

SkyCiv Connection Design software offers prescriptive design calculations and checks as per the AISC 360-10 design code, for both ASD and LRFD. The software is completely cloud-based, so there's nothing to download or install, and is run right from within your browser. The SkyCiv steel connection design software has the following great features:

  • Range of connection types, including W-W and HSS-W standard connections
  • Full 3D rendering to show bolts, plates and sections
  • Prescriptive AISC 360 checks for Shear and Moment Calculations
  • Professional Drawings
  • Export file as CAD (STEP) 3D model
  • Clear summary of design results with green and red pass/fail results
  • Detailed documentation with videos and tutorials on how to use the software.

AISC shear connection design as shown in SkyCiv Connection Design software
image of SkyCiv Connection Design report for Shear Connection AISC 360

Full Calculation Reporting

SkyCiv Connection Design reports in the form of a summary report and a comprehensive calculations report. No more guesswork into what the software is calculating, these detailed professional reports show the step by step calculations including:

Powerful Graphics

Review your 3D model so you can see the various parts of the model in 3D space. The Connection Design module will also generate a full CAD file for you to export or send off to the draftsperson for final drawings. Don't have CAD? You can produce drawings directly from within the SkyCiv Connection Design module!

  • Generate full CAD files (STEP) with bolt, plate and member connection assemblies
  • Produce clear drawings directly from the module
  • Clear and easy 2D references for user input
  • Full 3D rendering display with wireframe and viewing settings

image of SkyCiv's through plate drawings as produced in skyciv cloud connection design software

connection design software for aisc

Integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D

All your connections forces and member properties are automatically imported into the SkyCiv Connection module - so you can view your model and connections at the same time.

  • Connections display on the graphical interface
  • Forces automatically imported from structural analysis model
  • Supports load combinations from ASCE 7-10, AS 1170, EN1 and CSA
  • Changes to your analysis model are auto-adjusted within the design module
  • Class and group steel connections together, to complete one design for multiple connections
  • Review all Connection Designs in 3D model with green/red/yellow result summaries

100% Online

SkyCiv software is all on the cloud, which means you can get instant access simply through a web browser. There is nothing to download, install or maintain. Simply login to your SkyCiv Account and visit the software directly. Having the software 100% online has a range of benefits over traditional software:

  • Instant access - there's nothing to download, no installation and no license keys
  • Updates are automatically rolled out to the user
  • Access your files and software from anywhere at anytime
  • Fully compatable on PC, MAC, tablets and mobile devices
  • Reduces the clutter on your computer
  • No IT requirements

Get instant access with nothing to download or install using SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software on the cloud
Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Documentation on our Connection Design module.

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See the power of SkyCiv Connection

Shear Connections

  • Single Angle (all bolted or all welded)
  • Single Angle (bolted/welded)
  • Double Plate (all bolted or all welded)
  • Double Plate (bolted/welded)
  • Single Plate (welded/bolted)
  • Single Plate (all welded)
  • Double Plate (welded/bolted)
  • Double Plate (all welded)
  • Single WT (all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Single Seat

Moment Connections

The following Moment Connections are supported under AISC 360-10 ASD and LRFD design provisions:

  • Welded Flanges
  • Flange Plate (Bolted/Welded)
  • Flange Plate (All Welded)
  • Through Plate
  • Collared Plate
  • Double WT (all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Directly Welded

HSS Connections

SkyCiv Connection Design can design the following HSS to W shape connections under AISC 360-10 ASD and LRFD

  • Single Seat Connections
  • Single Angle (all bolted or all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Double Angle (all bolted or all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Single Plate (all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Single WT (all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Through Plate
  • Cutout/Collared Plate
  • Double WT (all welded or welded/bolted)
  • Directly Welded


SkyCiv Connection Design is fully integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D - our fully featured, powerful structural analysis software:

  • Run Connection Design Checks with a single Click
  • Integrated load combinations from ASCE 7-10, EN1990, AS1170 plus more
  • Loads, Combinations, Sections and Materials automatically imported
  • Multiple analysis solvers, including buckling and non-linear analysis
  • View successfully checked connections on your model with green, yellow and red results
  • List of connection design results and summaries
  • Export STEP file to import directly into CAD

SkyCiv uses third party software review sites to ensure quality and relevant feedback and testimonials from Structural Engineers:

captera structural engineering review

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