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CSA A23.3-14 Verification # 1



Information presented on this page is intended to demonstrate the section design convergence of CSA A23.3 provisions for isolated foundations that can be achieved with SkyCiv. All examples are referenced from the following books:

Book 1: Svetlana Brzev and John Pao. Reinforced Concrete Design: A Practical Approach, 2009.

Example # 1 Design of Axially Loaded Isolated Footing

reference: Book 1, p.605.

A typical cross-section of a square-shaped spread footing supporting a 500 mm square concrete interior column is shown in the figure below. The column carries a specified dead load of 1000 kN and a specified live load of 1000 kN. The allowable soil bearing pressure is 250 kPa.


Figure 2: Footing model and material properties of example #1


Two static loads cases are considered:

\(  \text{D} = 1000 \text{ kN} \)
\(  \text{L} = 1000 \text{ kN} \)

The results of service and factor load combination are in computed in reference of NBCC 2010.


The analysis is done using the rigid conventional method. See the Isolated Footing User Manual for more explanation on using SkyCiv Foundation.


The most significant results are compared in the table below:

Parameter Book Reference SkyCiv
             SLS 2000 2141.01
             ULS 2750 2926.26
 Soil Pressure
             qf 305 325.14
One way shear
             Actual Shear 640 725.47
             One Way Shear Capacity 730 753.7
 Two way shear
             bo 4.1 4.2
             Punching shear force 2750 2567.8
            Two Way Shear Capacity 2734.29 2852.8
             Actual Moment 715 762.05
             Moment Capacity 715 797.66

Notes: Discrepancies on some values are due to the following:

*Actual self weight of column and footing are considered in SkyCiv. In addition, SkyCiv requires a column height greater than zero.

*SkyCiv calculates actual measurement of the effective depth for both directions.



SkyCiv Foundation module offers an innovative and user-friendly interface for the design and analysis of an isolated footing in accordance with CSA A23.3-14.

Want to try SkyCiv’s Foundation Design software? Our free tool allows users to perform load-carrying calculations without any download or installation!

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