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Science Olympiad App

Design and test your Boomilever structures, using the Science Olympiad App

SkyCiv has partnered with Science Olympiad to help digitize the Science Olympiad competition for the 2020-21 season! The app sits inside SkyCiv Structural 3D to simulate the competition testing. Not sure how to model or design your boomilever? See this article on how to model a boomilever in SkyCiv with video and a step by step guide.

The SkyCiv Science Olympiad App will auto-analyse and test your Boomilever based on the competition criteria. Instead of physically building the model and testing it under the load of a bucket of sand, the App will apply the load gradually and test it based on Finite Element Analysis. Key results are then displayed, with some insight into why the structure is failing.

The app will also test the rules and guidelines of the competition, including the load distance, structure width, material usage and more (see below).

Getting Started

After signing up for a Science Olympiad Account (or SkyCiv Student Account), login and visit your account settings:

Under Add-ons and Integrations, you should see a Science Olympiad app. Switch that on and click Save Settings. Once this is done, visit SkyCiv Structural 3D and you should see the Science Olympiad app under Add-ons in the top navigation bar:

Clicking this will launch the App and allow you to start testing your model. Not sure how to model or design your boomilever? See this article on how to model a boomilever in SkyCiv with video and a step by step guide.


Results and Scoring

Main Results

The app will run through about a 100 iterations to calculate the load at which the structure fails (if in fact it fails). During this process, it will calculate the following results:

  • Max Stress: this is the stress that your members are undergoing under the peak load. If your structure is failing due to stress (stress exceeding 7MPa) then this result will hover under that stress limit.
  • Structure Weight: the weight of the structure. This value is used as the denominator in the calculation of the performance score. So the lower this value, the higher your score.
  • Deflection Check: does your structure deflect to a point where it comes in contact with the back wall?
  • Structure Capacity: how much weight did your structure hold (excludes self weight)?
  • Performance Score: This is simply calculated as: structure capacity / structure weight and is the score that is submitted for your team

Criteria Checks

In the background, the app will be checking the following:

  • What is the distance of the point load to the wall?
  • What is the width of the structure?
  • Materials used were one of 3 allowable Balsa Wood grades
  • Plus more

These results will be submitted with your overall score to ensure the rules and guidelines of the competition are met.

Submitting your Score

When you are happy with your design you can submit it – but careful you can only do this once! This will submit your score to Science Olympiad to compete against other teams. You’ll need your Event ID and team ID which you should have from your state director.


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