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Beams with web openings failure

Example  WLB_1 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_2 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_3 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_4 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_5 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_6 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_7 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_8 [NonLinear]




Example  WLB_9 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_10 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_11 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_12 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_13 [NonLinear]

Example  WLB_14 [NonLinear]


Example  WLB_15 [NonLinear]

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