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Getting Started

How to get access to SkyCiv and start testing your designs in minutes

SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software is the proud Sponsor for the US nationwide Science Olympiad Competition – held annually for more than 40,000 Middle and High School students across the US. The competition has both regional competitions (usually state-by-state) and a final national competition held in April. The competition’s designs alternate between a Boomilever and Tower structure.

Boomilever –

Towers –

Bridges (Division B) –

Bridges (Division C) –

SkyCiv offers commercial structural engineering software to build and simulate structures before they are built. As a sponsor, SkyCiv offers Science Olympiad participants access to their software at a deeply discounted rate for Educational purposes. Use SkyCiv’s software to simulate forces and stresses, enabling better prototyping and more efficient designs during the Science Olympiad competition.

Getting Started

It’s very easy to get started with a Science Olympiad account. It is all cloud-based, so teams can signup for a single account and get access immediately through their web browser. Simply visit or click the below link to register:

Once you have registered for an account, you can log in at any time from The main software for the design is SkyCiv Structural 3D which can be accessed from the main Dashboard when you log in.

How do we share access?

Up to 4 students can share a single Science Olympiad Account. Each team will receive one email login (this is specified at sign-up). All team users will log in under the same account, so team members can all access single file storage to house their designs.

Is it hard to learn?

SkyCiv software is extremely intuitive and easy to learn. The software also comes with a full set of documentation to help you get started; including a full guide on how to design a Bridge Structure to help you get started with your first design.

I need to buy more than one account, is this possible?

Absolutely. You can purchase accounts in bulk via this link. Once you have checked out you will be able to start adding teams individually or via our CSV upload. Your teams will receive instant access and can start designing straight away! If you need to add more seats, you can always visit the same link again and add more.

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