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Excel plugin for SkyCiv API Structural Analysis Solver

Getting Started

This tool has be developed for SkyCiv users who perfer to work in Excel. The interface is designed to be easy to use, clicking the side panel menu allows you to navigate the workbook sheets with ease. The title of each section heading is linked to the API documentation if you need help filling in any of the fields to build your model. Space is provided on the right-hand side for you to make your own calculations.

Inside the template is a simply supported beam model ready to solve, all you need to do is enter you username and your API key which you can find at

Screenshot 2


Currently the SkyCiv API-Excel Template has been tested with the latest version of Excel (Office 365) on Windows, previous versions of Excel may work as well but have not been tested. If you encounter any issues, please contact us. Unfortunately, this workbook will not work for Mac Excel as the VBA functionality is highly limited, for more information read this blog.

I can open the workbook but the Solve button does not work

If you open the file and try to click on the Solve button but nothing works, you may need to check your macro security settings. Either you have not clicked the Enable Content button when you were presented with a security warning (usually under your ribbon toolbar like in the figure below) or, your macro security settings are set to disable all macros without notification.

Enable content bar

Click on the file menu, then choose options. A menu like in the below figure will appear.

Excel options

Click on the Trust Center Settings… button, then in the new window that opens like the following figure, click Macro Settings from the side panel and choose Disable all macros with notification. You can go back to the File menu and choose Info, to display the Security Warning and Enable Content button, or close the workbook and reopen it to display it under the ribbon as mentioned at the start of this page.

Trust centre

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