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Problems with sections

Re-submit all sections

In some design codes, there are some special or advanced section properties that are required to successfully perform a design check. Sometimes, especially in old models, the sections already loaded might contain data calculated by a previous version of the SkyCiv Section Builder that misses the required properties by the design code. When this happens, you will receive a message from the Member Design module that says: “Please go to the section builder and re-submit these sections. To ensure all the sections have all the required properties, go to Edit > Members > Re-submit all sections. If the problem persists, contact support.”

To overcome this issue, make sure you come back to the Model stage, go to the top bar and navigate to Edit > Members > Re-submit all sections. A spinner will appear while the Section Builder opens in the background to recalculate each section you have in the model, this might take a few moments for models with many sections loaded.

Re-submit all sections from SkyCiv S3D to resolve issues in the design checks (click on the image to see animation)


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