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SkyCiv Engineering Software is all online. This allows users to access their programs and files from a web browser. No need to install or update the program, it's as simple as registering online and receiving instant access!
Cost Effective
Engineering software is traditionally very expensive; costing up to thousands of dollars to install and maintain. SkyCiv Engineering Software is a cost effective solution, offering low-cost software - with no further costs such as maintenance or updates!
All SkyCiv Software is tested against the best structural engineering software out there; with 100% result accuracy! Every update undergoes rigorous testing, checking the results of the software against millions of known values.
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President & Senior Design Engineer

"I use SkyCiv every opportunity I get because of the high quality professional result that gives and the ease of iteration should I need to change my design. My alternative was to hire another consultant to completely redo my work from scratch and verify my results. That would have cost me thousands of dollars and I got it done on SkyCiv at a fraction of the cost."


Reliability Engineer

"I found SkyCiv very useful for the work I have been undertaking over the last few months. Big advantage was that I didn't have to commit to an expensive licence. Very easy to use and thorough results. Would highly recommend and will continue to use the software in the future."

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Why SkyCiv?

SkyCiv is not your traditional structural engineering software. Apart from being completely on the cloud, SkyCiv prides itself on its flexibility and ease of use. Our powerful analysis software is accessible on a monthly basis - so you only use the software as you need it!

With a full suite of Beam, Truss, Frame and Structural software, SkyCiv is sure to have the solution for any of your structural analysis needs.

  • Responsive and Professional Customer Support
  • Monthly and Flexible Pricing
  • Range of software, including Beam, Frame, Truss, Shaft and Structural
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