Whenever a structural engineer is evaluating new software, the inevitable question comes up: Does this software do what I need? And it’s a fair question. Structural engineers need their software to perform, so they can do their job accurately and efficiently. There’s no point getting three quarters through modeling through a program, only to find it doesn’t have a feature you need.

We’ve invested heavily in our product over the past 6 years – with a team of developers and product managers working at ensuring the software is always improving. SkyCiv Structural 3D now packs as much functionality as most of the products on the market. In fact, in many cases, it goes much further. We’re extremely proud of this, and it comes down to the hard work and dedication of our team – so to them I say thank you!

For the purpose of not naming names, we’re going to avoid mentioning any specific products in this article, and in the full feature comparison table. However, we will be comparing our product to some very well-known and capable traditional structural analysis software (1 regional US software, 1 regional Australian software, and two global products).

In just 6 years, we’ve equaled and even surpassed the feature set of some major traditional software on the market:Comparison between SkyCiv and other structural engineering software

Comparison of key modeling, analysis, and design features


Overcoming the misconceptions of the Cloud

There is a common misconception that cloud products may not have the same level of functionality as desktop applications. Cloud software packs a lot of power and if you look to the future and where a lot of RnD and resources are going towards; it’s the cloud. Faster internet speeds, browser development, and a focus on improving cloud technology is the focus of not only web service providers, but even governments.

How does the FEA Solve compare?

The latest stress tests show the SkyCiv Solver can solve a 45,000 member structure in approximately 8 minutes – including upload/download time from Sydney – Chicago and back.

This is on par with some of the compared vendors, but probably towards the mid-lower end. This, combined with a UI that is built for speed and efficiency, makes it a perfect fit for small to medium-sized structures.

The solver feature set is comparable to those vendors suited towards similar structures. With static, dynamic, buckling and non-linear analysis functionality, the software can account for the needs of most structure analysis.

Same functionality, better value.

So SkyCiv offers similar (or better) functionality, with better value. We offer flexible monthly pricing to suit your projects and business. Even if you use the software daily, our subscriptions are a fraction of what you’ll pay for similar functionality:

Comparing SkyCiv cost with other structural engineering software

Does your current software offer you a mobile app? Revision control? How about instant live chat customer support? Get more from your structural software.


Other questions when considering the switch.

I think it might be interesting to address some of the common questions we receive when engineers are considering the switch:

But still, why should I change? Other than cost, what’s in it for me? SkyCiv software is up to 5x faster to use than a lot of the products in this article. Other key features include a powerful mobile app, instant support via live chat, transparent and clear detailed reporting and a range of other products (wind load generator, base plate design and foundation design) – all included with your subscription! In short – faster, cheaper, easier, and a better customer experience.

Will it take me long to learn? In a recent survey, 95% of Professional Users responded that SkyCiv Structural 3D takes less than 2 weeks to learn.

Still not convinced? Try for yourself! SkyCiv offers a commitment-free 14 Day Trial, with nothing to download or install. So try it today!

Sam Carigliano CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
Sam Carigliano
CEO and Co-Founder of SkyCiv
BEng (Civil), BCom