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SkyCiv Wind Load Software

Import ASCE 7-10, AS 1170 and EN 1991-1-4 Wind Speeds, Pressures and Apply directly from the map to your model.

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Generate and check your wind load in a few clicks!

Step 1: Get Design Wind Speeds

  • Simply enter in the location of your project with the following
  • View contour lines and get wind speeds as per ASCE 7-10, AS 1170 and EN 1991-1-4
  • Click and drag pin to calculate wind speeds quickly
  • Enter in Terrain Data

wind load software - wind speeds as per ASCE 7-10 and AS 1170 and EN 1991-1-4
wind load software - Wind pressure calculation as per ASCE, AS requirements

Step 2: Get Calculated Wind Pressures as per ASCE, AS requirements

Once the wind speed has been calculated (or manually entered by the user) you can then proceed to enter in building information such as the type of structure (buildings (open and closed), sign and billboards, free standing wall etc...) and relevant structure parameters to calculate the wind pressures on your structure. This includes:

  • Full calculation and report for design pressures and elevations on walls and roof
  • Windward, Leeward, Side wall and roof pressures
  • Calculation of pressure for roof and wall components and cladding

Step 3: Apply Directly to your Model

The SkyCiv Wind Load module is completely integrated with SkyCiv Structural 3D, so you can instantly apply your design pressures to your structure. The software will auto calculate the tributary widths and apply DLs quickly and easily. Generate and check your wind load in a few clicks!

  • Simple node entries to apply the wind pressures
  • Dynamic Loading - as the structure changes, the wind loads adjust themselves
  • Auto apply load combinations and factors
  • Auto calculates tributary widths and applies DLs to internal members
  • Edit, Remove or Adjust wind loads at any time

Get wind pressure calculation results from asce7-10 and as 1170 and apply them directly to your structural analysis model

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Powerful and easy-to-use wind design and analysis

Wind Speeds

  • Enter in US map location to get wind speeds as per ASCE 7-10
  • Enter in Australian map location to get wind speeds as per AS 1170
  • Enter in European map location to get wind speeds as per EN 1991-1-4 (coming soon)
  • Wind Speeds for Average Recurrance Intervals (1 -10000 years)
  • Multiple terrain categories and wind speed directions
  • Multiple terrain types - flat, hill, escarpment and ridge

Wind Load Pressure Calculations

  • Multiple building types - open, closed, freestanding wall
  • Multiple roof types, including Gable, Hip and Monoslope
  • Pressure calculations for wall and roof claddings
  • Detailed reporting and calculations (coming soon)


  • Apply pressures to your structural analysis model in S3D
  • Select nodes to apply wind loads to a particular face
  • Loads applied as variable Distribute Loads on the columns
  • Loads can be control and edited as Area Loads
  • Load Combinations automatically applied from AS 1170, ASCE 7-10 and EN 1991 (coming soon)
  • Wind loads auto-adjust with Structural Model changes

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