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Structural Engineering Software, Hand Calculations
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Beam Software

Advanced Beam Analysis, Full Worked Solutions, Deflection, Shear Force Diagram, Bending Moment Diagram, Stress
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Truss Software

Advanced 2D Truss Analysis, Clean Axial Force Diagrams, Customise your Display Settings, Unlimited Loading Scenarios.
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Frame Software

Advanced 2D Frame Analysis, Shear Force Diagrams, Bending Moment Diagrams, Different Sections and Material for Each Member
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Shaft Software

Unlimited Diameters, Loads and Bearings! Stress Concentration Factors, Clean Results and Diagrams
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Structural 3D

3D Structural Analysis, 3D Rendering, Deflection, Bending Moment Diagrams, Shear Force Diagrams, Axial Forces, Torsion, Stress, Buckling
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Any Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

What software does the Student Account include?

The Student Account gives you full access to all SkyCiv Cloud Engineering Software. This means that you can use SkyCiv 2D structural analysis software: Beam Software, Truss Software, Frame Software and Shaft Software; and SkyCiv 3D structual analysis software: Structural 3D. With all that, you can handle any structures that come your way! Happy analysis!

How can I get a Student Account?

Just click Buy Now, purchase your subscription and you will receive instant access. The first time you login, you will be asked to provide your student email to activate your account. Once you click the activation email you are all ready to rock!
Don't forget that SkyCiv Engineering Software is all online. This allows you to access to the programs and files from your web browser. No need to install or update the program.

How much does it cost?

Only per month! Yes, you are gonna save 60% from the normal price for being a student! You can also get a yearly subscription for just . Engineering software is traditionally very expensive; costing up to thousands of dollars to install and maintain. SkyCiv Engineering Software is a cost effective solution, offering low-cost software - with no further costs such as maintenance or updates! No lock-ins. No extra fees.

Can I have a Student Account if I'm not studying?

Unfortunately not. This is a special discount for students only. You can check other SkyCiv account options here. Our pricing schedules are very affordable compared to traditional engineering software. Additionally, because everything is online and on the cloud you get automatic access to upgrades so there are no maintenance or installation costs.

Will I get any support?

Big time! SkyCiv Cloud Engineering Software is very easy-to-use and user friendly. But You can always talk to a real engineer, we are here to help you with your projects. We will also keep you updated with tips and tricks. Besides tutorials and training are available on SkyCiv Youtube Channel.

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