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30-Day Free Trial

Instant structural engineering, with detailed reporting

Win more projects with faster, more efficient designs

Add automated structural design to your current solutions

What's Possible with SkyCiv Structural API

Automate your tasks with flexible, world-class software


  • Automatically build structural models
  • Migrate data from other platforms
  • Add an interactive rendering of your model
  • Import Sections directly from Section library
  • Save/Load models from cloud storage

Structural Design

  • Run FEA on 3D structural models
  • Linear, P-Delta, Buckling, Response Spectrum (and more) Analysis options
  • Members, Cables, Plates, and rigid element types
  • Run Load Combinations and self-weight
  • Commercially tested and verified

Member Design

  • Steel design checks per AISC 360, Eurocode, CSA S16, AS 4100 & BS 5950
  • RC design checks per ACI 318, Eurocode, AS3600, CSA A23.3, BS 8110 & more
  • Cold-formed steel checks per AISI S100 & AS/NZS 4600
  • Wind/Snow Loads per ASCE, AS1170, NBCC & Eurocode

PDF Reporting

  • Extensive Structural Analysis Reports
  • Add 3D rendered screenshots of your model to reports
  • Generate design summary reports to display all design member checks
  • Generate detailed, hand calculation reports for specific members
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What is an API?

An API (Application Program Interface) is the ability to connect to our software directly, without going through the user interface. Simply put, APIs allow users to submit some kind of input, perform an action, and return with a response.

Other industries have been taking advantage of APIs for quite some time. For example, flight comparison websites use APIs from a variety of flight providers to help you search for the best deal without having to visit each airline's website individually. SkyCiv API applies the same concept to the structural engineering context. With a single click, you can generate a model, run an analysis, design checks and respond with a simple pass/fail result, without the need for any visual or graphical user input.

APIs are driving our industry forward for faster and more efficient structural design.

Case Studies

Learn more about the  innovative solutions built on Skyciv API technology

HVAC Platform Design

See how engineers at MonkeyToe implemented the SkyCiv API to “streamline their workflows and speed up their design process by 90%.”

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Revit integration

SkyCiv - Revit Plugin

Our two way Revit Plugin uses SkyCiv API to integrate these systems. No manual handling, simply export your Revit model to SkyCiv S3D.

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MT Solar API Solution

Solar Frame Designer

Instant pass fail designs for faster solar frame designs. Includes renderer, wind loading, steel design, foundation design and signature-ready structural reports.

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Benefits of using an API

Analyze and design easier and faster

Say goodbye to repetitive and mundane tasks


Integrate with your current systems and applications to create a seamless workflows


API solutions can easily be modified and upgraded based on your needs and new technology


Build your own solutions that are specific to your company and needs - not relying on general use software.


Use a commercial product which has internal QA and testing processes

Future Proof

Access new features, products, design codes, and improvements at the time of release

All this, from a bit of code

The SkyCiv structural analysis and design API functions are easily implemented. Simply translate your data into the S3D model data (a simple JSON object) and unlock the possibilities for automated modelling, rendering, analysis and design functionality.

30-Day Free Trial

Why Choosing SkyCiv Structural API?

SkyCiv is committed to innovating and challenging existing workflows to save structural engineers time in their designs.
SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software 3D Building

Easy to get Started

Test your scripts quickly and easily using the SkyCiv API Sandbox. Paste your code on the left, and run the API. Your results will appear on the right hands screen. Serves as a great introduction to the input and output you send and receive. Not sure where to start? Load one of our sample scripts to see real examples of how to run analysis, design checks, wind load calculations and more from SkyCiv's API.

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Use our Renderer, for Free*

Need to use our 3D renderer for your structure with screenshot and analytical result displays? We've got you covered. Simply embed a Javascript file, and you'll be able to leverage the full capabilities of our 3D web-based renderer. Make the most of the following features:

  • Display your structural model
  • Mouse interactions (create your own click actions)
  • Take screenshots and control view settings
  • Review results and display analytical results
  • Deflect and Deform your structure to review deflection

*Commercial solutions may require SkyCiv licensing.

SkyCiv Plates Wings Analysis Software S3D

Commercially Tested Technology

The SkyCiv API is built on the same technology as our web-based Structural Analysis and Design software. This software has been used by more than 10,000 engineers from more than 160 countries worldwide.

SkyCiv also has built in verification and Quality Assurance procedures to ensure the accuracy of our structural analysis and design check software.

What you'll get with your API Trial:

  • 1,000 API Credits

With the SkyCiv API trial, you will receive 1,000 API credits to work on your prototype or solution.

  • 1-on-1 Support from our API Engineers

Our engineering team is here to help. Our API engineers will assist you should you have any questions along the way.

  • 30 Day Access

Evaluate the API for your team. Learn how the API works, build your own prototypes to help you company, commitment free.

*Only available to new SkyCiv users - existing users please email [email protected]