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Plate Analysis Results

Displaying the analysis results of all your plates

The plate results which can be selected from the dropdown include:

  • Membrane Force X
  • Membrane Force Y
  • Membrane Force XY
  • Shear Force XZ
  • Shear Force YZ
  • Moment X
  • Moment Y
  • Moment XY
  • Displacement X
  • Displacement Y
  • Displacement Z
  • Displacement Sum
  • Direct Stress X
  • Direct Stress Y
  • Shear Stress XY
  • Shear Stress XZ
  • Shear Stress YZ
  • Von Mises Stress
  • Max Shear Stress (Tresca)
  • Major Principal Stress
  • Minor Principal Stress

There are checkbox options to display:

  • Deflection
  • Mesh
  • Show Original
  • Element Results (display a single colour result per mesh)
  • Use S + Mouse Scroll to scale and animate the deflection
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