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Hydraulic Frame (FEA)

frame verification structureThe following shows the results of a test case using SkyCiv against a third party brick-element FEA solver. The solvers are setup substantially different, and run different analysis – but show the accuracy of 3D FEA solvers in comparison to 1D or 2D element analysis as used in SkyCiv.

Given the limitations of SolidWorks – we had to assume a single section property to allow us to model using Truss Members – making it easier to model in CAD. Modelling different section values would have doubled the CAD modelling time.

Experiment Conditions

Item SkyCiv CAD/FEA Analysis
Operating System I7-6700 @2.6GHz – Mozilla FireFox I7-6700 @2.6GHz
User Proficiency Intermediate Intermediate
Analysis Type 1D elements 3D FEA using ANSYS
Software SkyCiv Structural 3D Solid Works / ANSYS
Mesh Coarseness Medium (25 eval points) ANSYS Default Meshing Setting
Model Graphic frame verification structure frame verification structure

Setup Time

Item SkyCiv CAD/FEA Analysis
Software Loadup 1 minute 5 minutes
Modelling 12 minutes 120 minutes
Meshing 0 minutes 15 minutes
Applying Loads <1 minute 3 minutes
Solving Time <1 minute <1 minute
Total 0.25 hours (15 minutes) 2.4 hours (144 minutes)



Item SkyCiv CAD/FEA Analysis Difference
Max Displacement 1.1446mm 1.0602mm 7.4%
Analysis Report SkyCiv ANSYS

frame verification structure frame verification structure

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