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Datasheets are a tabulated way to view and enter data in a quick and easy manner. They provide an alternative way to enter information from the forms.

datasheet 1
Datasheets can be found in most menus of SkyCiv Structural 3D. Each row represents a new entry, and each column represents a different field.

The datasheet has a range of benefits to the user; enabling them to view and edit a number of components with speed and ease. There are two ways to open the datasheet for a particular component:

  1. On the navigation bar, go to Edit > Datasheet Entry and pick the spreadsheet you want to access
    datasheet 3
  2. By clicking the Datasheet icon in the top right corner of the entry form as shown:

The datasheet acts much like an Excel Spreadsheet. Once the datasheet is open, you can make the most of the following functionality:

  • Copy/Paste values from excel or other spreadsheet programs
  • Drag cells to copy (Select the cell, then drag the bottom right corner in the direction you wish to copy)
  • Multiple Select and Delete
  • Sort by column to view particular data

In addition to the above, the following notes about the datasheet should be understood:

  • Changes will not be submitted until the user hits ‘Apply’
  • A blank or incomplete row will be ignored by the program
  • Right-clicking a cell will allow you to remove rows and undo/redo
  • Add multiple rows using the function in the bottom right corner
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