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EN 1991 Wind Load Calculations

Wind Speed and Wind Pressure Calculations for European Countries, as per EN 1991

Supported Countries: UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia



SkyCiv Wind Speed software is a 100% cloud based program, used to calculate the wind speeds and pressures for countries across Europe (including the United Kingdom). There are a number of versions of the software to account for free/paid users and also has an API for added functionality. In this guide we will take a look at an EN 1991 wind load calculation example to calculate the wind speeds and pressures for a gable roof, enclosed building.


Wind Speeds

wind speed calculator map of berlin Germany, showing wind speeds

Wind Speed map for Germany


Wind Speed map for United Kingdom

Eurocode Wind Pressure Calculations

The SkyCiv Wind Loading tool will also calculate the wall and roof wind pressures. For instance, here is a sample output from the software showing wind pressure calculations for a roof in London:


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