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How to Design Spread Footings

Spread Footing Design Workflow Process

Spread footing can be classified as wall and column footings. (Darwin 2021)

Figure 1 illustrates the design workflow process, which the SkyCiv Foundation adapts workflow process. Wherein these checks such as (1) Soil Bearing, (2) Shear, (3) Flexural, (4) Development Length, and (5) Stability Checks are important parameters are required to satisfy the result without exceeding a value of 1.00 in the Demand-Capacity Ratio or DCR.

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Figure 1: Workflow of SkyCiv Foundation.

Design Checks Adjustment

This article explains the primary adjustment when the SkyCiv Foundation Users encounter this failure check.

  1. Soil Bearing Check is mainly influenced by the spread footing dimension which is subjected by the superstructure (unfactored) loads and allowable soil pressure.
  2. Shear Check is mainly influencing the depth of the spread footing where the spread footing performs one-way and two-way checks.
  3. Flexural Check is mainly influenced the reinforcement schedule of the spread footing.
  4. Development Length Check and
  5. Stability Checks are mainly influenced by the spread footing dimensions. 

Based on the information above, those adjustments will increase design capacity per checks of the spread footing.

Please take note, that some parameters such as materials strength, factor, and subjected loads are also part of increased design capacity influence.

Design Code Modules

the SkyCiv Foundation have this currently available design codes:


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Albert Pamonag Structural Engineer, Product Development

Albert Pamonag, M.Eng
Structural Engineer, Product Development

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