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Medium-rise Building


The purpose of this test case is to validate some of the analysis of a medium-rise concrete structure, specifically:

  • Deflection
  • Forces/Moments
  • Non-linear Analysis

The Structural 3D results were compared against a third-party analysis software.

Model Setup

The structure is a 270-node, 522-member frame structure supported by fixed supports. The building consists of 12″ x 24″ beam sections and 24″ x 24″ column sections. The structure is made entirely out of concrete with a strength of 4,000 psi.

Evaluation points: 10
Solve Type: Non-Linear Analysis

Medium-rise building

Medium-rise building settings

Analysis Results

Result Location SkyCiv Third-Party Difference
Moment Z Member 74, Start Node 125.1099 kip-ft 125.0907 kip-ft 0.02%
Moment Y Member 507, Start Node 55.7643 kip-ft 55.8579 kip-ft 0.17%
Shear Y Member 212, End Node 23.764 kip 23.729 kip 0.15%
Shear Z Member 515, Start Node -30.572 kip -30.524 kip 0.16%
Reaction Y Node 60 945.20 kip 937.90 kip 0.78%
Reaction Y Node 53 1167.32 kip 1160.09 kip 0.62%
Deflection X Node 241 0.8359 in 0.8369 in -0.12%
Deflection Y Node 61 -0.7726 in -0.7713 in 0.17%
Rotation Z Node 231 0.009698 rad 0.009700 rad 0.02%
Rotation X Node 228 -0.003975 rad -0.003975 0.00%

Result Screenshots

Medium-rise building deflection
Showing global deflection results in the X

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