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Load Combinations

Load Combinations are a linear function of load groups or simply a combination of load groups. Each included load group within the combination can then be multiplied by an increasing or reducing factor.

Implementing Load Combinations

Load combinations can be added by using the “Load Combos” button within the main menu as shown below:


Once you are on the load combinations menu you can alter the ID, name and each involved load groups contributing factor; as shown below:

Using the “Import” button at the top of this menu can be the easiest and most effective means to apply load combinations.


Auto-Generated Load Combinations

Once you are in the import menu you are able to select the country and design code of the standards use for combo imports (shown in red); each load group can be assigned to a contributing factor type (shown in blue); and the relevant combinations can be chosen from the extensive lists given (shown in green).


Load combinations can also be accessed, edited and created in the load combo datasheet as shown below:


Load Combination Results

Once in the “Solve” section of S3D you can choose from your predetermined load combinations to provide results of your modelled structures analysis, as shown below:

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