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An isolated, or single-column footing, is used to support the load of a single column. They are the most common footings, particularly where the loads are relatively small and the columns are not closely spaced¹.


Figure 1. Isolated Footing

SkyCiv Foundation has the following features when designing Isolated Footings:

  • Intuitive user-interface with easy inputs
  • Can solve multiple foundations in the same project
  • Provides graphical representation of the bi-eccentricity soil pressure
  • Geometry and Analytical Diagrams graphics
  • Summary table of design check values and ratios
  • Detailed, step-by-step calculation report (PDF or HTML download)

SkyCiv Foundation supports the following capabilities when designing Isolated Footings. :

  • Design checks in compliance with ACI 318 or AS3600
  • Eccentric footing design in both plan dimensions
  • Overturning Moment and Sliding Factor of safety Calculations
  • Supports multiple load cases such as Dead, Live, Earthquake, Wind and etc.
  • Customization of loads, materials, reinforcement and design criteria including Factor of Safety

To learn more about footings, make sure to check out our Software Documentation articles:


  1. McCormac, Jack C., and Russell H. Brown. Design of Reinforced Concrete ACI 318-11 Code Edition. Wiley, 2014.
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