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Arch Frame


The purpose of this test case is to validate some of the analysis of an asymmetric structure, specifically:

  • Deflection
  • Forces/Moments
  • Linear Analysis

The Structural 3D results were compared against a third party analysis software.

Model Setup

The structure is a 49-node, 52-member frame structure supported by fixed supports. The building is made of 305×127 UB 42 steel arch and is supported by 356×368 UC 202 steel columns.

Evaluation points: 10
Solve Type: Linear Analysis (14 iterations)

Arch structure

Analysis Results

Result Location SkyCiv Third Party Difference
Moment Z Member 51, Start Node 204.78915 kN-m 204.78872 kN-m 0.00021%
Moment Y Member 2, End Node -33.98632 kN-m -33.98787 kN-m 0.00456%
Shear Y Member 6, Start Node 3.74895 kN 3.74886 kN 0.00240%
Shear Z Member 4, End Node 31.93491 kN 31.93446 kN 0.00141%
Axial Member 17, End Node 43.02390 kN 43.02456 kN 0.00153%
Reaction Y Node 4 52.89638 kN 52.89639 kN -0.00002%
Deflection X Node 7 10.98589 mm 10.97963 mm -0.05701%
Deflection Y Node 45 -1186.38078 mm -1185.79801 mm 0.04915%
Rotation Z Node 13 -0.12906 mm -0.12899 mm 0.00054%
Rotation X Node 22 -0.13152 rad -0.13146 0.04564%

Result Screenshots

Arch structure moments z
Showing moments about the major axis through linear analysis

SkyCiv Free Frame Calculator

SkyCiv FREE Frame Calculator will generate and find the bending moment and shear force diagrams of a 2D frame structure. The free version allows you to input frames with a maximum of 3 members with applied point loads and moments for 2D frame analysis. Give the calculator a try or sign up for free today to get started with the software!


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