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AS 3600 Verification # 1


RC books AS

Figure 1: Book 1

Information presented on this page is intended to demonstrate the section design convergence of AS 3600-2009 provisions for isolated foundations that can be achieved with SkyCiv. All examples are taken from the following books:

Book 1: Yew-Chaye Leo, Sanual Huq Chowdhury. Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete (Second Edition), 2013.
Book 2: SJ Foster, AE Kilpatrick, RF Warner. Reinforced Concrete Basics (Second Edition) Analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures, 2013.

Example # 1 Design of axially loaded Isolated Footing.

reference: Book 2, pp.371.

An Isolated foundation is subjected to two (2) static load cases  (Dead and Live). The resulting shear, moment, load transfer and development length are compared with manual calculations. The foundation model lie in the X-Z plane.



Example 1 inputs AUS

Figure 2: Footing model and material properties

Two static loads cases are considered:

\(  \text{DL} = 400.00 \text{ kips} \)
\(  \text{LL} = 200.00 \text{ kips} \)

The results of service and factor load combination are in computed in reference of AS/NZS 1170 0:2002


The analysis are done in rigid conventional method.can refer this technical manual, for the technical detail explanation.


The most significant results are compared in the table below:

Parameter Manual SkyCiv
qe (effective soil pressure)  241 241.25
key dimensions
             dom 265 265
             asup 200 200
             0.7asup 140 140
Soil Pressure 305 304.69
Flexural Shear
             V* 168 168.18
             Fcv 2.9 2.92
Punching Shear
             V* 650 650.3
             Actual Moment 106 106.18
Note: discrepancy are due “dom” effective depth measurement, SkyCiv calculates actual measurement for both directions
Albert Pamonag Structural Engineer, Product Development

Albert Pamonag
Structural Engineer, Product Development
B.S. Civil Engineering

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