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Microsoft Teams

Track SkyCiv Model Changes with the Microsoft Teams Integration

This app allows users to view any changes made to their model in Microsoft teams. Changes such as any detailed comments added to the model through our detailed comments app or comments made when saving the model, allowing teams to review model changes and even view the model in real time from within the Microsoft Teams interface:


How to Install the SkyCiv App in Microsoft Teams

On the Microsoft teams side, users can add the this app to their channels/teams through the Microsoft Teams app store. Adding this app to the team/channel will immediately prompt the user to login and choose their model for viewing by either searching in the search bar or simply scrolling through to browse for their model.


Once the model is chosen, the app will open a tab showing all the changes and comments made to the model itself.


From here you can click Open in S3D at anytime to open the most up to date version of your model in Structural 3D. A PDF report can also be generated to provide a clear report on all the tracked changes in the model.

Adding Comments and Screenshots to a Model

Detailed comments can be added to user’s S3D page through their account settings -> software settings. This will allow your team to add detailed comments regarding the model and also attach any screenshot or model related issues.


The detailed comments app will be shown on the S3D page on the top right corner.


As this integration also allows users to track any changes made to the model. Saves done to the model with comments can also be viewed within the Microsoft teams app as well. File revisions or file saves of the model can be seen in :



Microsoft Teams App Terms and Privacy Policy

When you interact with us through the Site or Services, we may collect Personal Data and other information from you, as further described below.

We collect various types of information in order to improve services for our users. This includes information you provide to us as well as information we receive when you use our service which may include;

  1. Any information supplied to us at the time of your SkyCiv registration, including, name, email, country, user class and phone number.
  2. Model data: Any models built and saved are stored on SkyCiv servers for you to access. Model data can be downloaded at anytime to your local computer if you do not wish to store such information.
  3. SkyCiv will never share data or information collected from third party partners such as Microsoft, Autodesk or Slack. This information is to be used by SkyCiv to only enhance the user experience.
  4. The Microsoft Teams App only stores data from SkyCiv’s end, no further data is collected via Microsoft Teams. If any data is stored in the future it will not be shared outside of SkyCiv and only be used to enhance the user experience.
  5. SkyCiv has the right to request student information from the user at any time to verify the user’s student status on a SkyCiv Student Account

Data Security

In order to protect your Personal Data held with us and our Service Providers, we are using industry standard physical, procedural and electronic measures as appropriate. Some of these include; using SSL certificate encryption, only using servers that are SOC1 and SOC2 compliant, using password encryption and up-to-date bot detection software. That said, regardless of security measures undertaken by SkyCiv we advise you to exercise caution and common sense when sharing, uploading or otherwise using Personal Data in the context of our services.

Read more on our Security page.

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