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Get your own custom-made Configurator or Quick Design Solution
for faster design turnaround, better productivity, with significant time and cost savings.
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SkyCiv Configurator Solutions

SkyCiv Configurator solutions are custom-built software that allows manufacturers and engineers to design more efficiently using design automation. The user inputs a few values and can get a simple Pass/Fail response with design-ready reports in just a few minutes.

These custom-built solutions allow manufacturers and engineers to scale up their designs. Featuring the SkyCiv renderer displaying your designs in realtime, FEA, design and reporting technology.

These solutions are good for the automation of complex design processes, or customer-facing design tools.

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SkyCiv Autodesigner
SkyCiv Autodesigner

SkyCiv Quick Design Solutions

Quick Design Solutions are affordable, custom-made web tools to perform design checks or calculations with professional reports. The framework features a very easy user interface, clear input, clear output and PDF reports.

With a single click, your calculations can come to life with clear reporting and branding for you to use internally, or release to your clients! See an example.

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Key benefits of a SkyCiv Custom Solution

SkyCiv Structural Analysis Software 3D Building

Web based & easy to use.

  • Embed your solution on your website or wherever you like
  • Get a Pass/Fail status and full design-code checks at the click of a button
  • Automatic Updates and Improvements to your team or clients
  • Made to be easy to use
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Scale up your engineering!

  • Cut design time from days to minutes
  • Turn projects around faster, saving time and money
  • Deliver more value to your clients
  • Stay ahead of competition with a better customer experience
  • Open the generated model in SkyCiv's platform for detailed review and checking
SkyCiv Plates Wings Analysis Software S3D
SkyCiv Plates Wings Analysis Software S3D

Leverage existing tech for a better solution

When building your solution, we will leverage the powerful suit of SkyCiv software and capabilities, including:

  • 3D Renderer and Graphics
  • Wind/Snow/Seismic Load Generator
  • FEM and Design Calculations for Steel, CFS, Timber and more...
  • Foundation & Footing Design Calculations
  • Optimization and material-reducing algorithms

Engineering ready reports

  • Export professional reports in minutes
  • Produce reports suitable for P.E. review and approval
  • Compile reports from multiple structural components, or for the whole structure
  • Customized for your needs

Want to build your own solution? Let's talk.


    Which solution do I need?

    SkyCiv Configurator

    • Estimated Delivery Time: 3-6 Months
    • Leverage and combine the power of SkyCiv's Analysis and Design Software with a custom built solution that generates a model, completes finite element analysis and design checks with graphical results.
    • Suitable for full end-to-end engineering automation or repetitive processes to get results in a matter of minutes.

    SkyCiv Quick Design

    • Estimated Delivery Time: 2-4 Weeks
    • Turn engineering spreadsheets into accessible cloud based calculators and tools.
    • Quick to build with standardized reporting, user interface and web hosting.
    • Best for singular design checks and projects with a clear scope.
    • Quick input, quick output, single report systems
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    Case Studies

    Case Study: Cantilevered Solar Array Prototype by MT Solar

    Case Study: MT Solar

    Hear how the SkyCiv Configurator helped MT Solar transform their processes: "We are TOTALLY happy! SkyCiv’s help in the design and building process has always way exceeded our expectations."

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    Case Study: QuickFrames

    Learn how QuickFrames leveraged the SkyCiv Configurator to cut their design turnaround from weeks to hours for their pre-engineered HVAC and equipment frames.

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    MT Solar API Solution

    Configurator Demo: Solar Frames

    Try our Configurator today! Get an instant Pass/Fail status for a solar panel mounting structure. See the renderer, wind loading, steel design, foundation design and signature-ready structural reports.

    View Demo

    Your very own solution, built on existing technology

    SkyCiv Renderer

    Provides 3D visualization of the structure, so users can visualize the design in real-time.

    Design Reporting

    Delivers comprehensive final design reports that presents essential engineering details.

    SkyCiv Design Checks

    Guarantee the engineer's adherence to codes by employing both custom and standard design calculations.

    SkyCiv FEA

    Ensures accurate force calculations using SkyCiv FEA via API, enabling testing of 30+ load combinations for refined and efficient designs