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Result Summary and Limit Checks

Single click limit checks and instant summary results of your structure

SkyCiv prides itself on helping users understand and interpret results faster. In Structural 3D users can quickly and easily identify whether a structure is passing with a single click. Our Analysis Summary Results gives the pass/fail results for some key analysis criteria checks:

structural analysis summary results in skyciv structural 3d

This loops through all the results, in all load combinations to give you a clear and concise summary of your structure with clear comments on the governing load combination and member. The summary shows the results for the following check results and utility ratios:

  • Deflection Span (performs checks for both span method 1 and span method 2)
  • Member (custom) Stress
  • Material Yield Stress
  • Material Strength

Under these criteria checks, a summary with all values less than 1 indicates a passing structure:

Limit values can be controlled by the below settings under Limit Checks:

Graphical Limit Checks

S3D also has the ability to review limit checks via the right result visibility settings. The graphic UI will display any members failing limit checks and highlight them red. By clicking the Isolate Limit States checkbox, you can isolate these failing members:

 Users can control the limit states under the Result Settings on the right which will control the limit checks for both the Analysis Summary and Graphical limit checks.

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