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Pressures in SkyCiv Structural 3D are a force applied to a surface per unit area over which the force is distributed. Pressures are ONLY applied to plates. Users can apply Area Loads to other model elements.

Pressure’s which are applied at an angle to the plate can be specified by providing the X, Y, Z components.

To apply pressure on a plate, simply specify values for:

  • Pressure ID – The numerical ID used to identify each pressure.
  • Plate ID – The plate number where the pressure is applied.
  • X Magnitude – Magnitude of pressure in the X-direction.
  • Y Magnitude – Magnitude of pressure in the Y-direction.
  • Z Magnitude – Magnitude of pressure in the Z-direction.
  • Load Group – Loads can be grouped with Load Group numbers. The Load Groups can then be multiplied by a factor in the ‘Load Combos’ menu. Optional.

Example – Applying pressure to a plate

In this example, we will apply pressure to a plate that has already been created, had supports applied to its nodes, and has been meshed. Check out the Software Documentation about Modelling Plates and Meshing Plates if you haven’t.

1) Click into the ‘Pressures’ menu from the left navigation bar. Enter 1 for the ‘Plate ID’ and -10 for the ‘Z Magnitude’. Click Apply.

2) Rotate the plate with the left mouse button to view the pressure from a different angle.

3) Click ‘Solve’ to view the results of the simulation.

4) Click the ‘Plates’ button on the results menu on the left. Different results can be viewed by selecting an option from the dropdown. In this example, ‘Displacement Sum’ was selected.

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