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Introduction to SkyCiv Load Generator

Getting Started

The SkyCiv Load Generator offers an easy, step-by-step wind and snow load calculations that you can use to design your structure. No need to download and install the software – simply access it using your favorite browser, anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Our Load Generator can be used in four (4) ways:

  1. Free Wind Load Calculator
  2. Standalone Wind and Snow Load Calculator
  3. Wind and Snow Load Calculator integrated into SkyCiv S3D
  4. SkyCiv API

Wind and Snow Load Generator

The wind and snow load calculation currently support the following reference codes:

  • ASCE 7;
  • AS/NZS 1170;
  • NBCC 2015;
  • EN 1991; and
  • IS 875 (Wind only)
  • NSCP 2015 (Wind only)

In addition, the roof profiles available are as follows:

  • Gable/Duopitch
  • Hip
  • Monoslope/Monopitch
  • Troughed
  • Pitched

For EN 1991, the following countries are supported for the design wind speed and wind pressure calculations and and select countries for snow load calculations:

  • Belgium (wind and snow)
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • France (wind and snow)
  • Germany (wind and snow)
  • Greece
  • Ireland (wind and snow)
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg(wind and snow)
  • The Netherlands(wind and snow)
  • Poland
  • San Marino
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • United Kingdom (wind and snow)

Moreover, the detailed wind and snow load calculation report is available for all codes.

For the Free Wind Load Calculator, you can generate the design wind pressures up to 3 times per day and is limited only to Gable roof profile. The snow load and detailed reporting are also NOT included in the free tool.

On the other hand, the upgraded versions, or the other three (3) versions of Wind and Snow Load Generator, can only be accessed using a Professional account along with all the full capabilities of SkyCiv modules. The standalone load generator only version can also be purchased thru this link.

Using the Load Generator Module

Standalone Version

Using the load generator module is pretty straightforward. The input procedure should start in order from defining the Project Details (optional), Site Data, and the Building Data tab. For each tab, you need to put the parameter values from top to bottom. Each parameter is defined upon hovering the cursor over the info button beside the title. An error alert will show if the values on the input field are invalid upon going to the next tab. The Standalone Version (complete features) is available only to Professional Account users and users who purchased the standalone Load Generator Module only thru this link.

Screenshot of Site Tab input (standalone)
Screenshot of Building Data input in Building Tab (standalone)
Screenshot of Wind and Snow Data input in Building Tab (standalone)
Screenshot of Wind Results (standalone)
Screenshot of Snow Results (standalone)

SkyCiv S3D Integration

In SkyCiv S3D, the Load Generator can be accessed thru the area loads. The user interface is still the same in standalone version except for the node inputs at the results tab. The wind loads generated can be applied directly to the structure using the “Apply to S3D Model Button.”

Screenshot of Load Generator in SkyCiv S3D.

SkyCiv API (Sandbox)

To use the SkyCiv API for Load Generator, you will need to have an professional account to generate an API key. The documentation in using this version can be accessed thru this link.

Screenshot of SkyCiv API in Sandbox

Load Reporting

Depending on the load cases checked, there will be three buttons available at the bottom of the result tab: “Generate Load Report”, “Detailed Wind Calculation,” and “Detailed Snow Calculation.” These features are only available for Professional account users and for those who purchased the Load Generator only module.

The Generate Load Report summarizes all your inputs and results for either wind, snow, or both calculations in a clear and concise manner.

Sample PDF of Load Report.

The Detailed Wind Calculation shows all the assumptions made in our calculations in a step-by-step manner as elaborated in the reference codes. You can download a sample file using this link.

Sample PDF of Detailed wind load calculation (ASCE 7)

Moreover, the Detailed Snow Calculation also supports all codes and you can download a sample file using this link.

Sample PDF of Detailed snow load calculation (ASCE 7)

Here’s a quick demo of our load generator:

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