The standalone.loads namespace provides functions to manage sessions for wind speed, wind design and snow calculations.


At the beginning of every API session, the session must be started. This function must be the first function in the array. This initiates a session and will return a session_id which can be used in subsequent calls made in the following 30 minutes to skip the verification process, thereby dramatically reducing the time to response.


The start function must always be the first function even if session_id is provided.

keep_openbooleantrue, falseIf the session should be kept on standby. If true, subsequent calls to the API using the session_id provided from the first call in lieu of key, will be 4-8x faster.false
Sample input for standalone.loads.start
"function": "standalone.loads.start",
"arguments": { "keep_open": true }

After authenticating using the API key, the response object will contain some useful information. The session_id key can be used to make further calls to the same session, skipping authentication. The session_expiry_time provides an approximate Unix time until the session expires. After this, the user must re-authenticate using their API key.


The returned session_id can be provided in the auth object of subsequent calls to make the request faster.


Using the below variables, users can get the wind speed, snow loads and wind pressures from ASCE 7, AS1170, NBCC, Eurocode Design Standards, IS 875, NSCP 2015, and Comisón Federal de Electricidad (CFE Viento).

Sample input for standalone.loads.getLoads
"function": "standalone.loads.getLoads",
"arguments": {
"project_details": {
"name": "Pat's House",
"id": "SKYPH-001",
"company": "SkyCiv",
"designer": "Patrick",
"client": "",
"notes": "",
"units": "imperial" //imperial or metric
"site_data": {},
"building_data": {}
Try standalone.loads.getLoads

Relevant components#

The response will return design wind speed, elevations, topography, wind and snow pressures and confirm the address of the site location under the key wind_speed. In addition to this, if the terrain data is requested (user provides wind_direction and exposure keys) it will also return topography data:

Sample response for standalone.loads.getLoads
"site_data": {
"country": "United Kingdom",
"lat": 51.501364,
"lng": -0.14189,
"elevation": 6.36,
"formatted_address": "Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK"
"wind_data": {
"uk_ireland_contour": 21.621648873984707,
"distance_from_shore": {
"0": {
"distance": 233.92573712464545,
"lat": 53.60510578995467,
"lng": -0.1418899999999966
"30": {
"distance": 174.5852678317777,
"lat": 52.98168910830151,
"lng": 0.7127760997660391
// etc
"wind_speed": 21.8
"snow_data": {
"snow_region": "zone3",
"snow_load": 0.5
"topography": {
"code": "en1991",
"topo_factor": 1,
"comments": "",
"location_of_peak": 1740,
"elevation_of_peak": 26.6097240447998,
"location_of_foot": -1580,
"elevation_of_foot": 0,
"elevation_of_midheight": 13.3048620223999,
"slope": 0.008014977121927652,
"H": 26.6097240447998,
"x": -1740,
"Lu": 3320,
"Ld": 240,
"terrain_type": "Flat",
"elevation_image_base64": "**Base 64 Data**"
"snow_pressure": null,
"wind_pressure": {
"pressure_type": "building",
"pressure_unit": "Pa",
"elevation_or_location_unit": "m",
"pressures": [
"dirn": "along_L",
"surface": "windward_wall",
"elevation": [3, 6, 9],
"pos_Cpi": [204.49, 204.49, 204.49],
"neg_Cpi": [425.75, 425.75, 425.75]
"dirn": "along_L",
"surface": "leeward_wall",
"elevation": 21,
"pos_Cpi": -325.11,
"neg_Cpi": -103.85
"dirn": "along_L",
"surface": "sidewall",
"location": [2, 10, 12.4],
"pos_Cpi": [-619.531865399467, -442.5227609996193, -309.7659326997335],
"neg_Cpi": [-398.27048489965733, -221.26138049980966, -88.50455219992386]
"surface": "roof",
"zone": "F",
"pos_Cpi": 194.71,
"neg_Cpi": -592.98
"surface": "roof",
"zone": "G",
"pos_Cpi": 194.71,
"neg_Cpi": -495.63
// etc
"forces": null

Here is a sample of the elevation image that is returned when elevation_img: true :


The following Objects are required parameters for the above functions.


Get wind speed from site location, based on ASCE 7-10, ASCE 7-16, AS/NZS 1170, NBCC 2015, EN 1991, IS 875, NSCP 2015, and Comisón Federal de Electricidad (CFE Viento).

Common properties for all design codes#

design_codestringWhich design code is this based on:
as1170, asce7-10, asce7-16, en1991, nbcc2015, is875, nscp2015, cfe-viento.
project_addressstringThe site location. This will use Google Maps to search the address and select the first option.
wind_directionstringWind direction (going to). N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.
latfloatLatitude of site location (used instead of project_address). E.g. 41.878100 for Chicago
lngfloatLongitude of site location (used instead of project_address). E.g. -87.629800 for Chicago

Design code specific properties#

KeyTypeDesign CodeDescription/Options
risk_categorystringASCE 7I, II, III, IV
exposurestringASCE 7/NSCP 2015Required for topography result B, C, D
ariintegerAS/NZS 1170Annual Recurrence Interval (in years)
1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 5000, 10000
sls_and_ulsbooleanAS/NZS 1170true or false
countrystringAS/NZS 1170australia or new_zealand
Required for SLS and ULS wind speeds
design_working_lifestringAS/NZS 1170construction_equipment, 5_years, 25_years, 50_years, 100_years, less_than_6_months (NZ only)
Required for SLS and ULS wind speeds
importance_levelstringAS/NZS 1170Number between 1, 5 specifying importance level
Required for SLS and ULS wind speeds
wind_regionstringAS/NZS 1170For user-defined wind region (Optional)
A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B2, C, D, NZ1, NZ2, NZ3, NZ4
recurrence_interval or aristringNBCC 2015Annual Recurrence Interval: 10_years, 50_years
importance_levelstringNBCC 2015low, normal, high, post_disaster
limit_statestringNBCC 2015SLS, ULS
importance_categorystringIS 875I, II, III, IV
structure_class_is875stringIS 875I, II, III, IV
occupancy_categorystringNSCP 2015I, II, III, IV, V
return_periodstringCFE Viento10-anos, 50-anos, 200-anos
barometric_pressurefloatCFE VientoDefault value is 760 mm Hg
ambient_temperaturefloatCFE VientoDefault value is 25 deg. Celcius

Additonal parameters for user-defined wind speed or ground snow load#

KeyTypeDesign Code
wind_speed_overridefloatASCE 7, AS/NZS 1170, EN 1991, IS 875, NSCP 2015 Wind Load Calculation
hourly_wind_pressure_overridefloatNBCC 2015 Wind Load Calculation
snow_load_overridefloatASCE 7, AS/NZS 1170, EN 1991, NBCC 2015 Snow Load Calculation

Additonal site_data parameters for seismic load (ASCE 7-16)#

KeyTypeDesign Code
site_classstringASCE 7-16: A, B, C, D, E
site_seismic_dataobjectUser-defined site seismic parameters (optional): sd1, s1, sds, tl
site_seismic_data.tlfloatLong-period transition period
site_seismic_data.sdsfloatDesign spectral response acceleration parameter at short periods
site_seismic_data.sd1floatDesign spectral response acceleration parameter at 1s period
site_seismic_data.s1floatMapped max. considered earthquake spectral response acceleration parameter

Design code specific topography properties#

KeyTypeDesign CodeDescription/Options
terrain_categorystringAS/NZS 1170CAT1, CAT2, CAT2.5, CAT3, CAT4
snow_regionstringAS/NZS 1170For user-defined snow region (optional)
For Australia: AN, AC, AS, AT
For New Zealand: N1, N2, N3, N4, N5
snow_area_classificationstringAS/NZS 1170For user-defined snow area classification (optional): alpine, sub-alpine
snow_terrain_classintegerAS/NZS 11701, 2, 3
snow_area_classificationstringNBCC 2015rural, exposed-north-treeline
countrystringEN 1991Germany, United Kingdom, France...
Required for additional parameters (season_month, wind_direction, terrain_category
season_monthstringEN 1991For Belgium, France, UK, and Ireland
1 month: January, February, ...
2 months (UK and Ireland only): January-February, March-April, ...
4 months (UK and Ireland only): November-February, December-March, ...
6 months (UK and Ireland only): October-March, April-September, ...
wind_directionstring or integerEN 1991The angle of which the wind is going to, referenced from N in clockwise direction. Use Any for worst case
For Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland, and France: (in degrees). Increments of 30° ranging from 0 - 360
For other countries: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW
terrain_categorystringEN 1991For UK and Ireland:
0 for Sea
I or II for Country
III or IV for Town

For France: 0 II IIIa IIIb IV
For Netherlands: 0 II III
Other countries: I II III IV
distance_inside_townfloatEN 1991Required for UK and Ireland. Default value is 20
distance_from_shorefloatEN 1991Required for UK and Ireland. Can be obtained from server if wind direction is not equal to Any. Default value is 100
displacement_heightfloatEN 1991Required for UK and Ireland. Default value is 0
terrain_categorystringIS 8751, 2, 3, 4
terrain_categorystringCFE Viento1, 2, 3, 4
Sample site_data input
"design_code": "asce7-16",
"project_address": "Wacker Avenue, Chicago",
"country": "United States",
"risk_category": "III",
// lat: 41.878100, or lat: 41°52"41.2"N
// lng: -87.629800, or lng: 87°37"47.3"W
"site_class": "D",
"site_seismic_data": {
"sd1": 0.96,
"s1": 0.54,
"sds": 0.55,
"tl": 8
"topography": {
"wind_direction": "N",
"exposure": "B",
"topo_image": true,
Try standalone.loads.getLoads


Generate wind pressures or snow loads based on building parameters. These parameters have minor differences between design codes. If you need any assistance, please email us at [email protected].

Options for Structure#

buildingDefault value
freestanding_wallASCE 7 only
truss_towerASCE 7 only
solar_panelASCE 7 and AS/NZS 1170 only
signboardEN 1991 only
poleEN 1991 only

Options for ASCE 7, AS/NZS 1170, NBCC 2015, NSCP 2015#

gableenclosed, partially-enclosed, partially-open
monoslopeenclosed, partially-enclosed, partially-open
hipenclosed, partially-enclosed, partially-open
pitchedopenFor ASCE 7/NBCC 2015/NSCP 2015/CFE Viento: clear, obstructed
For AS/NZS 1170: empty, blocked
troughedopenFor ASCE 7/NBCC 2015/NSCP 2015/CFE Viento: clear, obstructed
For AS/NZS 1170: empty, blocked
open-monoslopeopenFor ASCE 7/NBCC 2015/NSCP 2015/CFE Viento: clear, obstructed
For AS/NZS 1170: empty, blocked
mwfrsMain Wind Force Resisting System
claddingComponents and Cladding

Additonal wind load parameter for user-defined options for ASCE 7-10, ASCE 7-16, and NSCP 2015#

| building_data.wind_parameters.gust_effect_factor_override | float |

Options for IS 875#

gableenclosed, medium-opening, large-opening
monoslopeenclosed, medium-opening, large-opening
hipenclosed, medium-opening, large-opening

Options for AS/NZS 1170, EN 1991, IS 875, and CFE Viento#

buildinggable, monoslope, hip
free_roofFor EN 1991: pitched, open-monoslope
For AS/NZS 1170 and CFE Viento: pitched, open-monoslope, troughed
For AS/NZS 1170 and IS 875: claddinggable, monoslope, hip, pitched, open-monoslope, troughed

User-defined parameter for AS/NZS 1170.2 (2021)#

building_data.wind_parameters.MhUser-defined input for Hill-shape multiplier, Mh, for the selected wind source direction and default value for all wind direction (if site_analysis.hillshape_multiplier_all_direction is not defined)
building_data.wind_parameters.MleeUser-defined input for Lee multiplier, Mlee, for the selected wind source direction and default value for all wind direction (if site_analysis.lee_multiplier_all_direction is not defined)
building_data.wind_parameters.MsUser-defined input for Shielding multiplier, Ms, for all wind direction
building_data.wind_parameters.MdUser-defined input for Wind Direction multiplier, Md, for the selected wind source direction and default value for all wind direction (if site_analysis.terrain_category_all_directions is not defined)
building_data.wind_parameters.McUser-defined input for Climate Change multiplier, Mc, for all wind direction
building_data.wind_parameters.Mz_catUser-defined input for Terrain Height multiplier, Mz,cat, for all wind direction at height h

building_data parameters for ASCE 7-16 Seismic Load Calculation#

seismic_parametersObject with parameters required: structure_height, R, structure_system, weights
Optional: Ct, x
seismic_parameters.structure_heightStructure height to be used in calculating the approximate fundamental period of the structure
seismic_parameters.RResponse modification factor
seismic_parameters.redundancy_factorRedundancy factor (default value is 1.0)
seismic_parameters.structure_systemFor determining Ct and x
Options are: steel-mrf, concrete-mrf, steel-eccentrically-braced, steel-buckling-restrained, others
seismic_parameters.weightsArray of object with the following: level, elevation (in ft - imperial or m - metric), weight (in kips - imperial or kN - metric)
seismic_parameters.Ct(Optional) User-defined Ct for calculating the approx. fundamental period of the structure
seismic_parameters.x(Optional) User-defined x for calculating the approx. fundamental period of the structure
Sample API input for ASCE 7-16 seismic load calculation
"project_details": {
"name": "Pat's House",
"id": "SKYPH-003",
"company": "SkyCiv",
"designer": "Patrick",
"client": "",
"notes": "",
"units": "imperial"
"site_data": {
"design_code": "asce7-16",
"project_address": "Wacker Avenue, Chicago",
"risk_category": "III",
"site_image": true,
"topography": {
"wind_direction": "N",
"exposure": "B",
"topo_image": true,
"country": "United States"
"site_class": "D",
"site_seismic_data": {
"sd1": 0.96,
"s1": 0.54,
"sds": 0.55,
"tl": 8
"building_data": {
"design_code": "asce7-16",
"structure": "building",
"roof_profile": "hip",
"building_dimensions": {
"length": 23,
"width": 18,
"mean_roof_height": 66,
"roof_angle": 12
"wind_parameters": false,
"snow_parameters": false,
"seismic_parameters": {
"structure_height": 21,
"R": 8.5,
"structure_system": "concrete-mrf",
"Ct": 0.016,
"x": 0.75,
"weights": [
"level": "2F",
"elevation": "33",
"weight": "1200"
"level": "Roof",
"elevation": "66",
"weight": "800"


Optional data to be included in the detailed report generated:

For ASCE 7-16 only: metric, imperial
project_details.pressure_unitUser-defined setting to convert the calculated pressures to the desired pressure unit (for AS/NZS 1170 wind load calculation)


Optional data to calculate design wind pressures for all directions and get the worst wind source direction:

site_analysis.terrain_category_all_directionsFor AS/NZS 1170, ASCE 7, and NSCP 2015
The user-defined terrain/exposure category per wind source direction
site_analysis.topo_factor_all_directionFor AS/NZS 1170, ASCE 7, and NSCP 2015
The user-defined calculated topographic factor per wind source direction at z = 0 m
site_analysis.lee_multiplier_all_directionFor AS/NZS 1170 only
The user-defined calculated Mlee factor per wind source direction
site_analysis.hillshape_multiplier_all_directionFor AS/NZS 1170 only
The user-defined calculated Mh factor per wind source direction
Sample site_analysis input
"site_data": {}, // see sections above
"project_details": {}, // see sections above
"building_data": {}, // see sections above
"site_analysis": {
"terrain_category_all_directions": {
"N": "B",
"NE": "B",
"E": "B",
"SE": "C",
"S": "C",
"SW": "C",
"W": "C",
"NW": "D"
"topo_factor_all_direction": {
"N": 1,
"NE": 1,
"E": 1,
"SE": 1,
"S": 1,
"SW": 1,
"W": 1,
"NW": 1

Use the sample json files above to start with our API. For more info on parameters used for wind or snow load calculation, please refer to our documentation and/or the load generator UI. You can also generate the API files by clicking the "API file" button on the load generator UI.