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Double Warehouse


The purpose of this test case is to validate some of the analysis of a heavily-loaded structure with both structural and light-gauge steel, specifically:

  • Deflection
  • Forces/Moments
  • Linear Analysis

The Structural 3D results were compared against a third-party analysis software.

Model Setup

The structure is a 378-node, 929-member frame structure supported by fixed supports. The building consists of an assortment of steel sections, particularly wide flanges, T-sections, light gauge channels, and single angles.

Evaluation points: 10
Solve Type: Linear Analysis

Double warehouse

Double warehouse sections

Double warehouse elevation

Analysis Results

Result Location SkyCiv Third Party Difference
Moment Z Member 404, End Node -5.12960 kN-m -5.12964 kN-m -0.00078%
Moment Y Member 239, End Node 0.01827 kN-m 0.01827 kN-m 0.00000%
Shear Y Member 30, Start Node -1.21427 kN -1.21426 kN 0.00082%
Shear Z Member 1195, Start Node -0.22779 kN -0.22779 kN 0.00000%
Reaction Y Node 101 11.25305 kN 11.25134 kN -0.01520%
Reaction Y Node 503 -23.11866 kN -23.11920 kN -0.00234%
Deflection X Node 516 10.32511 mm 10.32505 mm 0.00058%
Deflection Y Node 218 0.01126 mm 0.01126 mm 0.00000%
Rotation Z Node 207 -0.00276 rad -0.00276 rad -0.00000%
Rotation X Node 29 0.00591 rad 0.00591 0.00000%

Result Screenshots

Double warehouse
Showing moment result about the Z-axis for member 404

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