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Get wind speed map by zip code or postal code

Since a ZIP code (または郵便番号) は正確なサイトの場所ではありません, the wind speed map needs extra information to recognize this is a zip code. Using the SkyCiv 風速マップ, ユーザーは引き続き自分のサイトに入ることができます’ zip codes to get wind speeds and pressures.

To search a zip code for design wind speeds, you will need to first zoom into a city-level area of your country. You can zoom in to any part of the map. この例では, we are searching for a zip code for Champaign, Illinois (61820):

Wind speed by zipcode
The zip code wind speed will then show the town or city (in this example Champaign, THE) as well as confirm the zip code entered (61820). After hitting the return key, you should get the following output:
Wind speed by zipcode example

Get Wind Speeds by Location:

Wind Speed by Postal Code

The same can be performed by other countries or locations including Australia, 英国, カナダ, and European nations such as Germany, イタリア, フランス, 等…
Simply enter in your postal code and the Google Map interactive search will locate the suburb for that postcode:
wind speed by zip code or postal code (Kengisngton Australia example)
This zip code (postcode) entry will return the following wind speed as per AS/NZS 1170:
Wind speed by zipcode for AS/NZS 1170

Try our free wind load calculator today:

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