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SkyCivの 鉄骨接続設計ソフトウェア allows you to perform various design check calculations for steel connections. It aims to provide a complete, end to end solution via a standalone cloud-based software.

Our features include:

  • Complete and updated AISC and EN section database
  • Auto-render of 3D connection model as you design
  • Ability to switch between bolted- and welded-connections within one connection type
  • 設計チェック値と比率の要約表
  • 詳細な, ステップバイステップの計算レポート (PDFまたはHTMLのダウンロード)

Support for:

  • AISC 360-16 ASDおよびLRFD, とユーロコード 1993-1-8:2010, and Australian Standard 4100:2020 design codes for version 2
  • AISC 360-10 ASDおよびLRFD, とユーロコード 1993-1-8 design codes for version 1
  • HSS to W connections (Column to Beam)
  • W to W connections (Column to Beam)
  • Coping considerations on beam webs
  • ボルト締結
  • 溶接接続
  • せん断接続
  • モーメント接続


Quick Start

Depending on your preference, there are various methods to try the SkyCiv Steel Connection Design Software.

Steel Connection Design Free Tool

The connection design free tool allows you to try the functionalities of the software even without an account. For those who prefer learning things hands-on, you can try the free tool alongside reading further in this documentation. Build your connection and perform the necessary design checks now!

Sign-up to Free Account

Curious about the full functionality of the software? Sign up for a free account today! セットアップしたら, you will be automatically entitled to a FREE 14-day trial period, where you have full access to all the design checks and reporting features of the SkyCiv Steel Connection Design software. You can also use this period to try the 構造3Dソフトウェア and all of SkyCiv’s structural software.

Unlimited Access

Ready to jump in? We have a variety of accounts to choose from depending on your needs. Visit our pricing guide and select the plan that’s right for you. Investing in a good structural design and analysis software is the best start to your engineering career!

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