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One page summaries of your most critical members

クリックするだけです 報告する menu button on the left to open up the pop-up.

まず, be sure to select at least 1 Load Combination in the section on the left outlined in red. You can select multiple load combinations to create a report with sections on each of these results. Doing this however will increase the time it takes to generate the report. この例では, 3 load combinations have been selected. Whilst their titles are similar, it is because of the “または” statement that these are unique.

Having the ‘Single Member Reportsoption selected will include sub-reports within your overall report on the members of your structure. You can specify to only include the ‘Single Member Reportsfor some members of the structure or even none at all. Use commas to separate the members to include. Leave blank to include all the members (up to the maximum).

注意: We do not recommend trying to generate Single Member Reports for every member in your project, as this increases the page number exponentially. When the page number of the Analysis Report gets too large, エラーが表示されます.

シングルメンバー 1
You can specify the ordered layout of what is to be included in each Single Member Report. 右側のメニューでは、ドラッグ アンド ドロップで順序を並べ替えることができます, 不要な情報のウィジェットを削除する, 上部のドロップダウン メニューに情報のウィジェットを含める.

注意: 複数の荷重の組み合わせが選択されている場合, then a Single Member Report will be generated for each load combination.

シングルメンバー 2

はい 番号