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Some simple Science Olympiad Model Templates to get you Started

SkyCiv has included some simple and easy to use templates to help you get started with your Boomilever and Tower structures! サイエンス オリンピアード イベントのスポンサーとして, 私たちは special Science Olympiad Offer that allows you to model and test your structures before you build them!


When you launch SkyCiv Structural 3D, クリックするだけです Add Template Assembly and search for Science Olympiad templates. You’ll see some great templates you can start with:

start with skyciv science olympiad boomilever and tower templates

記事上で, we’ll also take a look at some of the templates and their parameters that are available to make your modelling fun and easy!

Our Templates

科学オリンピックブミレバー 1

A simple triangular truss structure can help you test different truss configurations, slopes and number of panels. The default model looks like so:


There are a number of controls for this template, 含む:

  • トラススタイル: さまざまなスタイルのトラスを試してみてください, ガンブレル間, プラット, Straight and Cross to find the most efficient design
  • Number of Panels: Try more or less segments and see the effect that this has on the structure
  • Slope Angle: This is the pitch of the truss in degrees.
  • 長さ, 幅: トラス構造の長さと幅を制御します.

科学オリンピックブミレバー 2

This is an alternative design; 逆三角形のトラス:



サイエンスオリンピアードタワー 1

A detailed Science Olympiad Tower that allows you to control the size of the base as well as the upper truss. 幅などの制御変数, 高さ, truss style and base ratio to build and test the tower you need!


There are a number of controls for this template, 含む:

  • トラス スタイル: Experiment with different styles of trusses for both the base and the upper truss
  • Levels: Try more or less levels for both the base and upper truss and see the effect that this has on the structure
  • Base Ratio: This slider will control the size of your upper truss, as a proportion of your base truss.
  • 長さ, 幅: トラス構造の長さと幅を制御します.

サイエンスオリンピアードタワー 2

A more simplified tower, focussed on a single base to top:


SkyCivの新機能? Get started with SkyCiv’s special Science Olympiad Offer!

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