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Using the Load Generator for Snow Loads integrated in S3D

In calculating snow loads, the balanced or undrifted snow load on roof is always assumed to be applied on the horizontal projection of the roof area the same way live loads are applied. Snow Loads integrated in S3D

In order to apply the snow load on the roof, we need to convert pressure \({p}_{s}\) by multiplying it by the value of cosθ. Snow Loads integrated in S3D

Using SkyCiv Load Generator in S3D

ために プロフェッショナルアカウントユーザー, S3D のエリア ロード セクションから Load Generator にアクセスできます。. From the module, generating the balanced/undrifted snow load \({p}_{s}\) is automatically applied as long as the roof windward and leeward nodes are defined the the ノードの割り当て テーブル.

Load Generator in S3D

The rule to define the roof windward and leeward nodes is shown below:

snow load generator

snow load generator


したがって, the corresponding snow load applied is shown below:

snow load generator

From this model, the balanced/undrifted snow load \({p}_{s} = 1.25 kPa\) is converted by multiplying the cosine value of the Roof Pitch Angle θ に等しい 0.9603. したがって, the corresponding roof snow load is equal to \( p = 1.20kPa\). Using open area load, it is then applied to the roof surface of the model. For the unbalanced/drifted case, manual input is necessary. This feature is only available to ASCE 7-10, ASCE 7-16, NBCC 2015, に 1991, およびAS/NZS 1170.

Patrick Aylsworth Garcia 構造エンジニア, 製品開発
構造エンジニア, 製品開発


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