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As a proud Official Sponsor of Science Olympiad, SkyCiv is offering full software access for a deeply discounted rate of $50 ために 8 月!

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Test your Structure before you Build!

Use SkyCiv software to see determine whether the structure will work or not, あなたがそれを構築する前に. Test different truss styles, member lengths and member sizes to determine what is the strongest and lightest design. The special Science Olympiad Account includes the following:

  • Access to Structural 3D software - model and simulate the performance of your structure
  • Access to the Structural 3D - サイエンスオリンピックアプリ
  • チュートリアル and Getting Started guides
  • Access for teams of 4 (under one account)
  • ご質問? Watch the adjacent video for a quick start guide!

Easy Tutorial to get Started

SkyCiv has put together a great video tutorial on how to design a boomilever using SkyCiv Structural 3D. Follow this step by step guide, from a Structural Engineer, on how to test different designs and how to tell whether or not your structure will fail.

View Tutorial

Host your own Invitationals

Are you an event coordinator? You can host your own invitationals using SkyCiv. We have a helpful guide in our FAQ below, to help you get started with your Computerlever invitational.

Simply get in contact with us to book in your invitational or Science Olympiad event:

Book in invitational
Science Olympiad Software Skyciv
new science olympiad skyciv app

新着 サイエンスオリンピックアプリ!

SkyCiv has partnered with Science Olympiad to develop a new app to test and compete digitally for the 2021 シーズン! Experiment with your designs using SkyCiv Structural 3D to learn what works and what doesn't using the Science Olympiad App! Now lets you get real life scores and tips on your design.

Install with a single click and start testing your structure under the competition guidelines today!


インストールは不要. Webブラウザーからすぐにアクセス.

SkyCivが実行されている 100% オンラインなのでMacで完全に機能します, パソコン, そしてモバイルタブレットさえ! チーム全体がアクセスしてコラボレーションしたり、独自のデザインを試したりすることができます. サイエンスオリンピックのデザインを始めましょう 30 秒.


ご質問? 私たちは答えを得ました!

The Science Olympiad account gives you and your team full access to SkyCiv analysis software, file storage, tutorials and the Science Olympiad S3D app. SkyCiv Structural 3D is the main program used to model and test your boomilever and tower structures. You will model the structure (defining the location of the nodes, members and forces) then apply loads and test it for material stresses and deflection. This will allow you to digitally build the model, and simulate its performance, without physically building the structure.

クリックするだけ 今買う to purchase your Science Olympiad account via credit card and receive instant access. ソフトウェアのインストールまたは更新の待機を忘れる! 私たちのソフトウェアは完全にウェブベースなので, あなたはあなたのインターネットブラウザからプログラムとファイルに即座にアクセスできます.

With how this license is set up, you won't be adding the students individually to the license. Your team members/students will be able to login to SkyCiv at the same time (最大4つまで). They will login using the account details you provide during the purchasing process, 具体的には、電子メールとパスワード.

Each team will share a single account, so they share the same file manager. Users can create folders to organise their designs, でも、みんな入ってデザインを試してみることをお勧めします.

メインモデルができたら, 同時にファイルに含めることができるのは1人だけです (you will be alerted if someone is editing at the same time). There is also file revision functionality, so you can always roll back a previous save.

会社のファイルはすべて非公開です, サーバーで暗号化され、毎日バックアップされます. あなたは保護され、安全です. ファイルはSkyCivの安全なサーバーに保存され、いつでもアクセスできます. ファイルの管理やセキュリティについて他にご不明な点がございましたら、お問い合わせください.

Regardless of how many students are on each team, you should purchase the same number of licenses as you have teams.

E.g., if you have two teams that are submitting separate results, you should purchase two licenses, not one.

残念ながら, as this is a competition there is no support or help available for modelling and testing your Boomilever. We have some great guides and tutorials in our ドキュメンテーション, including some helpful videos. If you're experiencing issues with access or technical difficulties we can certainly help there.

絶対. You can purchase accounts in bulk via このリンク. Once you have checked out you will be able to start adding teams individually or via our CSV upload functionality. チームはすぐにアクセスでき、すぐに設計を開始できます! 座席を追加する必要がある場合, いつでも同じリンクに再度アクセスして、さらに追加することができます.

Once the app is installed, simply open the app from within SkyCiv Structural 3D. This will automatically override the materials with three Balsa wood materials for you to use. You can then select any of these materials to design your boomilever! Questions getting started? Watch the getting started video presented by Science Olympiad Southern California state director Peter Hung!

On the day of your competition event, participants will toggle the app into 競争モード to build their models. Once ready, teams can submit their last test. この時点で, teams will enter in their own unique Event ID which should be provided ahead of the event. Event Organizers can then download a spreadsheet of all the scores to see who the winner is!

On the day of your competition event, participants will toggle the app into 競争モード. Teams will then build their model with a clean canvas, sticking to the rules and limits provided by Science Olympiad. This mode will limit you to 5 solves, so use them wisely!

As an event coordinator you can host your own invitationals via the following steps:

  • Pick your weekend or event date
  • Email [email protected] and we'll create you a unique Event ID
  • (オプション) Purchase a pack of SkyCiv Accounts from the following checkout link and distribute them to the teams automatically
  • On the day of the event, students will submit their scores and select their unique Event ID from a dropdown list when submitting their scores
  • Coordinators can download the scores (in CSV format) at anytime with their own custom link provided by SkyCiv

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