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  4. 剪断, 瞬間, ねじりと軸

剪断, 瞬間, ねじりと軸

Reviewing Shear, 瞬間, Torsion and Axial Results in S3D

To review each of these internal member results, simply click the left menu of the result you are looking for. From here a drop-down will show the different options for directions. 例えば, in the below example we are looking at the Shear Force in the Local Y direction, Your resulting force diagrams will be overlaid onto each member of your structure. If nothing shows, make sure you have a Load Combination selected in the top left menu. Try these tricks to make results and labels more clear:

  • Click and drag to rotate your structure and view the structure from another angle
  • The force labels are automatically shown, but can be clicked and dragged to improve clarity
  • 構造を回転またはドラッグすることで、ラベルの位置をリセットできます
  • You can also hover your mouse over the graph to highlight all the evaluation points along with the member
  • Adjust visibility settings (例えば. labels on/off) for clearer graphics
  • Review results in the 3D renderer
  • Hold S + Scroll Mouse to adjust the scaling of the diagrams.

And here is what the shear diagram overlays would like for the Shear in the Local Z Direction:

Force Explanations

The forces are all internal member forces in the member’s local axis. If you’re unsure about a member’s local axis, it might help to turn on the ローカル軸 visibility setting.

  • せん断力
    • 単位: キップ, kN, 等…
    • Translational Force in the member’s local Y and local Z axis
  • 曲げモーメント
    • 単位: キップフィート, kNm, 等…
    • Rotational force about the member’s local Z and local Y-axis
  • 合計
    • 単位: キップ, kN, 等…
    • Translation force axially to member. 基本的に, it is the same as shear force, but in the local X-axis
  • ねじれ
    • 単位: キップフィート, kNm, 等…
    • Rotational force into the member. 基本的に, it is the same as bending moment force, but about the local X-axis

Isolating Single Result(s)

Clicking an individual member will allow you to view the force diagram for that member whilst hiding all others. To re-show, the other shear force diagrams, 左側のナビゲーションメニューの[せん断]ボタンをもう一度クリックします. Here’s an example of how you can select a single member to isolate this member’s bending moment diagram (この場合, Yについて):

CTRL キーを押しながらクリック + ドラッグして、メンバーのグループを表示することもできます:


さらに, you can use the single-member functionality, to isolate a member and see a detailed force diagram.

A Note on Axial Force

SkyCiv offers two views for Axial force in the form of (1) 簡素化された (2) 正常. 簡略化, shown in the first image will display color and an arrow to guide the users to which members are in compression (c, 赤) and which are in tension (t, 青).

The asterisk (*) lets the user know that the axial force is non-uniform and should be reviewed in the normal view. デフォルトでは, SkyCiv will show the largest axial force in members if it is non-uniform.


This would be the same model with the “正常” Axial force diagram overlaid, as you can see, the axial force is not constant over many of the members’ 長さ:


はい 番号