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3Dレンダラー (ビーム)

Viewing your Beam and analysis results in 3D

The 3D renderer in SkyCiv ビームソフトウェア allows you to visualize your beam model in 3D. 断面はビームの長さに合わせて拡大縮小して表示されることに注意してください。. 左クリックで回転できます, 右クリックしてビームをドラッグします, マウスホイールを使用してレンダラーをズーム/スケーリングします. You can select results to view using the dropdown at the top left of the renderer. To change the view of your model, use the dropdown at the top right of the renderer.

SkyCiv Beam Renderer

Error: No Results

If you receive the following message and see no 3D render of your beam it means that the Section Builder was not used to create a section for your beam. This could have happened in two ways.


  • no section was added at all,
  • or only Young’s Modulus (E) と慣性モーメント (Ix) values were directly inputted in the ‘Add/Edit Section’ pop up.

SkyCiv Beam No Section
この場合, to access the renderer return to the model using the blue ‘model’ button on the top left of the results page. Use the “セクションを追加する” documentation to learn how to add a section to your model. Once you successfully add a section to your model, Solve your beam to access SkyCiv’s 3D Rendering.

SkyCiv Beam Renderer


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