SkyCivソフトウェアのガイド - チュートリアル, ハウツーガイドと技術記事


  1. ホーム
  2. SkyCivセクションビルダー
  3. ビルドアップおよびコンポジットセクション
  4. 複数の形状


More complicated sections will typically involve more than one shape. These are referred to as ‘built-up’ セクション. To create a built-up section, you simply need to add all the shapes that make up the section, adjust their dimensions, and then perform operations (翻訳, 回転, ミラーリング) until they are in the correct position.

例: I-shape reinforced with a T-section

この例では, we’re going go create a section made up of an I-shape reinforced on its bottom flange with a upside down T-shape. We’ll be using the default corresponding shapes in the Section Templates for this example.

1) Start by adding the I-shape from the セクションテンプレート メニュー. Select ‘I-shapefrom the menu and click ‘Add’.

形 1


2) 簡単にするために, lets move the I-shape so that it is centered on the Y axis. これをする, we will want to translate the shape in the negative Z direction by half of its flange width (8/2 = 4 インチ). Put in (-4) in the ‘Translate in Zfield under the ‘Operations’ タブ’

形 2

3) Now lets add the T-shape and also center it on the Y axis. Select the ‘T-shapefrom the same Section Templates list and click ‘Add’. Translate late it in the negative Z direction by half of its overall Z dimension (6.78/2 = 3.39 インチ). Both shapes should now be centered on the Y axis as shown:

注意: 「他をクリアする’ option is unchecked, そうしないと、生成したI字型がクリアされます.

形 3

4) T字型を正しい方向に向けるには, 同じ結果を得るには2つの方法があります: 1) 形状を回転させる 180 度または 2) 「z軸を介したミラーリング」. どちらも同じことをします, ただし、ここでは回転機能を使用します, 入力します 180 into the ‘Rotatefield within the ‘Operations’ タブ.

形 4

5) Now we need to offset the upside down T-shape down so that it is “接続済み” to the bottom of the bottom flange of the I-shape. Because we want those top points to have a Y axis value of zero, we want to offset it by its current position. To view the position of any point indicated with a red dot, hover over it with the mouse. 私たちの場合には, the Y axis value of the T-shape is (10.86)

形 5

6) 最後に, put in (-10.86) as the value for the ‘Translate in Yfield to get our desired combination of shapes. You can now calculate the section properties using the ‘Calculatebutton on the top toolbar, and bring it into other modules for further analysis.

形 6


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