SkyCivソフトウェアのガイド - チュートリアル, ハウツーガイドと技術記事


  1. ホーム
  2. SkyCiv構造3D
  3. モデリング
  4. セクション


A section is the cross-section geometry of the member. Different sections have different bending, 剪断, SectionBuilderを使用して複雑なセクションプロパティを解決する. Sections require a material assignment so that the geometry of the section can have material properties required for analytical and design calculations.

Sections can be created in two ways.

  1. In the form by directly specifying the values:
    • 名前 (オプション)
    • マテリアルID – The material of the section specified by ID.
    • 範囲 (without a direct shape assigned through the Section Builder, it will assume a rectangular cross-section)
    • いや – Moment of Inertia about the Y-axis
    • から – Moment of Inertia about the Z-axis
    • J – ねじり定数
    • Shear Area Y (オプション)
    • Shear Area Z (オプション)
    • 面積削減係数 (オプション)
    • Iy Reduction Factor (オプション)
    • Iz Reduction Factor (オプション)
    • Torsion Reduction Factor (オプション)
  2. Using the Section Builder

The datasheet can only be used to view sections. It cannot be used to add or edit sections.

注意: Shear Deformations (Euler-Bernoulli vs Timoshenko Beams)

If the shear areas are specified then shear deformation is taken into account (つまり. the member using the section is considered a Timoshenko Beam). In most applications, the shear deformation is negligible compared to flexural deformations.

When the shear areas are not specified in the section’s form then the shear area is taken as infinite, meaning that no shear deformations are accounted for (つまり. the member using the section is considered an Euler-Bernoulli Beam). せん断変形は通常無視できるため、せん断領域を空にしておくことをお勧めします.


SkyCiv’s Section Builder is integrated into 構造3D and allows users to quickly and easily model various types of sections.


  • 長方形
  • 中空長方形
  • 円形
  • 中空円形
  • アイビーム
  • Tビーム
  • 角度 (Lビーム)
  • ダブルアングル
  • チャネル
  • ダブルチャンネル
  • 三角
  • 中空三角形
  • ボックスガーダー

For shapes not available in the templates, custom shapes can be defined in 3 違う方法:

  • Points ShapesDefine points to create a polygon. 任意の時点でフィレットを指定します.
  • Line Shapes – ラインパスを定義し、太さと半径のポリゴンを作成します.
  • DXFのインポート – 2D shapes drawn in external CAD programs can be saved in DXF format and imported into SkyCiv’s Section Builder.

Built-up sections can be modeled by adding multiple shapes and performing operations (translating, rotating, mirroring) on them.

Composite sections can be modeled by assigning different materials to different shapes.

注意: SkyCiv does not currently support composite I-shaped beam design

Holes and cutouts can be specified by checking theCutout” と固定小数点.

Clicking ‘Calculatewill display a summary of the geometric, 曲げ, 剪断, SectionBuilderを使用して複雑なセクションプロパティを解決する. しかしながら, それ will NOT submit the section to the section ID.

Clicking ‘Submitwill assign the section to the section ID. Members assigned with this section ID will have this cross-section.

注意: Cross-section assignment to member

It is important to note that when a member gets assigned to a cross-section, の line of the member always acts through the centroid of the section. これは、次のことを明確にするためです。 (0,0) 座標 (元) セクションビルダーのデフォルトでは重心ではありません. Z-Y 直交平面上の任意の場所でセクションをスケッチし、変換できます。, そしてメンバーは真の重心に割り当てられます.

Translations and rotations of shapes allow for relative positioning of shapes when creating a section that is made up of more than 1 形. メンバーの線が重心を通過したくない場合, その後、を使用できます “オフセットA” とオフセットB” メンバーの.

例: How to name your sections

デフォルトでは, セクションを追加するとき, they will be named by their (rounded) height x width dimensions. To the left of the name will be an icon representing the section (例えば. in the example below the “私” icon represents an I-beam). If you are using a database section, the name will automatically default to the database section name and nomenclature but can be modified.

This may not be meaningful to you so you can optionally change the name. これをする, simply click the section to bring up its menu options on the left. 構造が非線形の振る舞いを示す場合、非線形または2次の静的解析が適しています “名前 (オプション)” 分野, enter in a name you prefer.

例えば, I’ve made this change and the result is now as below.

はい 番号