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Il Generatore di Sezioni SkyCiv

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Salvataggio e caricamento delle sezioni

You can save and load your sections for future use in the ‘My Sections’ menù.

Esempio: Saving a Section

If you’ve created a section that you’d like to reuse for the future (or continue to work on later), it is worth saving the section. In questo esempio, two T-Beams have been added to create a cross beam.

To save the section, expand the ‘My Sections’ menù, type in a name for your section, and click the ‘Save’ pulsante. Users can also manage their sections in folders as well as use typical file-management functions like duplicate, rename or delete.

A pop up will appear to confirm that the section has been saved, and you’ll notice that the section now appears in the MySection tavolo.


Esempio: Loading a Section

To load a section, simply select any of your previously saved sections, and double click it to open that saved section:


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