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Forma dei punti

Points Shapes are a type of custom shape that can be used to define your own shape. They are defined by their coordinate points (CON,E), as well as a fillet radius value. If no fillet is desired at a certain point, leave this value as 0.

This is a useful feature if the shape you are trying to create does not exist within the templates. It is also useful when attempting to dimension fillets at corners which cannot be done in the templates.

Esempio: Create a Points Shape

1) Espandi "Personalizzato’ menu a sinistra, and click the ‘Add Points Shape’ pulsante. Un ambiguo, general looking shape will be drawn by default. Note the dashed line which draws the path of the points with no fillets.

punti 1
2) Modificare i valori come di seguito. Each row represent a point of the shape. Fare clic su "Invia’ button to make the edits to the Points Shape. Notare la nuova forma nell'area di progettazione.

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