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Membro principale

The parent member is the supporting member of your connection assembly. When inside the connection UI, press the ‘Parent Memberbutton to bring up a popup to edit view/edit these options.

press parent member button to bring up popup


When using connection design integrated with SkyCiv S3D, the section and material properties will be taken from the member that was chosen in the summary table. These values will not be directly editable here. To change the values, you will need to change the section and/or material properties back in the Model. This is however not the case for ‘Standaloneconnection design which you can read more about below.

view connection assembly parent member options

Indipendente, autonomo

Standalone connection design allows you to directly edit the material properties of your parent member.

standalone options for parent member popup
The general and dimension fields however are not editable. You are however able to change the section assigned to your parent member, by clicking the ‘Section Databasebutton to bring up a ‘Section Databasepopup.

section database popup to pick a database section
The options available here will be limited to a particular design code. After picking your section, press ‘Submitto adjust your member’s section, and wait for the loading spinner to disappear.

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